November 03, 2019

the transformation begins

In the past three weeks, i did a lot of reflections and going inward to myself. i asked confronting questions i never asked myself, i went to the deepest of myself and was faced with a realization about who i really am. my best, but mostly the worst sides of me. it was the most painful yet rewarding thing I've ever done for myself in a while. (thanks to the "break-up", have i not experienced that, i wouldn't have the chance to really do this.) i would definitely share a few points that i learn the past few weeks, maybe on the future post. but what i wanna say is, i am so grateful that everything works out for the greater good. I'm just so glad that as human beings we are given the gift of free will. we can make a choice out of everything that happens to us. we are in absolute control of our own future!
if that's not the best thing about being a human. i don't know what is. life is crazy, but always good.


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