November 23, 2019

little update

wowsa. life lately has been sooo damn interesting. funny enough, i feel great and readier to tackle shits in life. some things needed improvement for sure. like work, for example. im lacking motivation and drive, but i determined to make it work. as in for my art, i feel like i get more precise direction now, and im going to start practically applying it in my life.  i need to be more confident and stop caring about what people say. i mean, i got nothing to lose for this. i have to push through and put a thick skin and do it. i feel like us creatives are cursed forever with self-doubts and fear of failure and imperfection. but i mean, how else can i go forward if i don't just push it? i recently write a caption on instagram, which i think will be the turning point of where is this art thing going.

" I finally come to a point where I realized that the things I create rely so much on my self-discovery journey. i think it's quite like that for every artist out there. we are continually figuring things out, but most importantly, we continuously grow. as we learn more about who we are, we transform from the inside out. we change.

changes, as exciting as it sounds, are scary. we face the unknown, and that can be daunting. but what if that is the only way for us to get to the other side? what if that is the only way we tap into our most potential? what if that is the only way for us to be the best version of ourselves? so I guess only by stepping into the unknown and embracing changes that we could be free and TRULY live. Bob Goff said it best, "embrace uncertainty. some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later." 

so now that i put this online,  I'm holding myself accountable. (goodluck sasa lol)

on the side note, i bought a new notebook for my journaling. i cant believe i finished a whole book in one month lol. i think journaling helps me to keep in track with what is in my head and also to remind myself of the things i have to do internally.

ok gotta go to bed now. update again next time. seeyaaaaaa x


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