July 11, 2018

#3 lend me your ears

i wrote this for my secret writing site, but i think i want to share it here too

life, is really funny sometimes
you couldn't quite understand it
but you just have to live it because you don't have much choice
or maybe it's complicated because we do have too many choices,
each choices have so many elements in it
and each can changes our lives completely
and life, is really full of surprises
some of them...you can never really be sure
whether to laugh or cry
happy or sad
glad or mad
when something that has been solid for over ten years suddenly shifts into something that might or might not be real,
how do you really react to that?
and life, is full of risks
but what kind of risk are we willing to take?
will you leave your hometown and stable job to follow your dreams?
will you leave everything to be with the love of your life?
will you risk losing a decade of friendship for something uncertain?
and how about this thing called 'perfect timing' that never seems to exist
and those tales that someone told us when we were kids, but no one ever witnessed it.
how do they cope with different kind of realities in a such a short time?
how do  they learn to walk confidently without faith in such a confusing time?
how do we, human, always think that we have enough time?
and life, is full of lessons,
every damn person, event, thing, moment, come across our life for us to learn a thing or two
yet some people treat it like it means nothing and then latter on they question why do they even live.
how can we be so naive towards life?

to be continued...

© summer in march
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