June 15, 2018

1.a little life update #27 & restart

a.) went to the zoo and fed a red panda. my life is complete <3 b.) two priorities. art supplies + grocery shopping! c.) back to the gym, the thing i enjoy the most! d.) photoshoot day!  e.) had a feast with my staffs before fasting season. f.) what's in the shopping cart! g.) poffertjes in a cold wether is just perfect! h.) the starbucks basics.

on the more important note...

when was the last time you write for yourself?

i re-read my old posts circa twenty twelve (although most of them have been restored to the draft box due to irrelevance) i found that my attitude towards blogging was really careless and... free. no grammar check, no perfect photos, just me and my unapologetic thoughts. so raw and honest. 

and that's where i aim now. even tho we've technically passed the half of this year, i don't think it's too late to press the reset button! 

so let's try to hit fifty posts before to the end of the year.. be it just a simple paragraph, or one picture, or both, i invite you to come to this journey with me. i don't guarantee anything interesting but i'll be glad to share ;) 
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