March 10, 2018

life lately #26

Here's a little update because you i believe i owe you one :)

(one; things i'm lovin')

books :
now if you know me, you know that i like to read and i like paulo coelho's work. i try to make time to read as much as i can in my free time or before i go to sleep, i admit it hasn't been the easiest. work and everything else absorb most of my time, it took me two months to finish these two but hey i made the effort okay ;) warrior of the light by paulo coelho , the spy by paulo coelho.
when it comes to beauty related thing, i am not an expert at all, but i know that these products are great because i have tried them myself. i started using the carmex lip balm last year, my friend gave it to me because i suffered a really bad chapped lips during winter and it worked so damn well on my lips. since then, i just have to buy it again and again. as for the masks, i've seen a lot of good reviews so i decided to try aand those reviews ain't lie. the charcoal mask does help my skin to appear clearer and my goodness, the overnight mask is an absolute gem! i highly recommend them, have you tried any of these products? :) carmex lip balm original origins drink up intense overnight mask, origins clear improvement charcoal mask.  

(two; moments) 

happy late valentine's day, it was a lovely day for me and the roses are superb pretty, i smiled ear to ear for the entire week :)

a few snaps from my trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
borobudur temple
jeep ride to merapi mount. it was an intense fun and wiiillld ride.
ramayana ballet perfomance. honestly, one of the highlights of the trip :)
gallery and artspace hopping. this is the solid reason why i came in the first place, i met up with new people, artists, curators, etc. theyre so friendly and humble. it was a great fun :)
pinus forrest. 
sunset at parangtritis beach 

(three, passions)

i'm starting a new series called "poetry on postcards" (maybe i should make a separate blog post about it next time?) it's been a little tricky balancing between work and doing art but i'm pressing on and on. a wise man said, 'if it's important you will make an effort, if it's not you will find excuse'.  yeap, no excuses for me. 

poetry on postcards no. 9, 10, 11, & 12 "becoming her; teresa, audrey, esther, joan"

see more artworks here @marisawij

(four,  february footages

i decided to upload random footages from my camera to my new youtube channel. you can check it out and click the like button if you will. oh, subscribe can do too :)

click here to watch 

until i write again x
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