September 29, 2018

4. a place

I found a place where all the odds come as normal. Where even amid spring, the cold refuses to leave. I found a place where everything moves slow but everything is ahead. Where my morning starts with fresh air and a coffee down the alley.

I found a place where my heart is content. Where I feel invincible but noticed. Where infatuation comes in the form of a tall, young man. I found a place where a friend become a sister, and a brother becomes a friend.

I found a place where i sit in the middle of a busy city that looks like one in those postcards. Where i hear talents speak with such freedom on the sidewalks. I found a place where my classroom isn’t a room with a teacher and a board but racks full of knowledge. Where my thoughts wander in every stop and my eyes sets in every sun that shy to shine.

I found a place where i realize i don't own my passions, but it owns me. Where paintings are all over the walls, and every alley is worth a bundle of film.

I found a place where my head stops looking for answers, where my heart settles every question. I found a place where everywhere i look i reckon familiarity, where nothing seems unusual.  I found a place where midnights never end, and mornings serve a fresh hope.

I found a place that i can't call mine yet but my heart has landed its feet and my soul has placed its stone.

I found a place that no matter how many times i have to leave, every time i come back, it still feels like home.


July 13, 2018

3. what's in my work bag tag 2018

the last time i do this sort of tag was three years ago, so i think it's appropriate to make a new one! this time around, i want to show you what are the things that i always have in my work bag. i've been trying to minimise what i carry because i've suffered with a back and shoulder pain from carrying too heavy bags before (it's baaad!) so without further ado, here we go!

♥ make up pouch : there's not much inside really, you can find bb cream, powder, lipsies, an eyeliner and that's about it. (i made the pouch by my self btw!)

♥ wallet : this pink is really pretty <3 

♥ portable charger : i'm REALLY bad with charging my phone *grin* my phone is always about to die all the time. 

♥ car key/house keys : in love with my lemon keyring that i bought from H&M!

♥ note books and mini to do list board : note books during meetings are very important to put down ideas and plans. i'm also obsessed with writing lists! 

reading glasses : i don't wear my glasses as often as i should. i mostly wear it when i drive at night or when i watch movies in the cinema!

♥ p.o.s card : if you're wondering what it is, it's an access card to the computer system at the restaurant where i work :)

♥ books : currently reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

♥ journal : this sweet little journal help me to keep on track on what my schedules look like, and i also write down all my weekly/monthly plans and to do lists for my work and my art here!

♥ mints : you want to keep it fresh all day!

♥ memory cards + the camera (not in the frame) 

♥ water 

♥ sunnies : this is my fav one yet from owndays

♥ Iphone 8 and Ipad pro : when i'm outside the studio, i use my Ipad to work on my art.  also, i don't like carrying my old macbook because it's way too heavy!

aaaanndd we're done! i hope you enjoy this, see you in the next tag post! x


June 15, 2018

1.a little life update #27 & restart

a.) went to the zoo and fed a red panda. my life is complete <3 b.) two priorities. art supplies + grocery shopping! c.) back to the gym, the thing i enjoy the most! d.) photoshoot day!  e.) had a feast with my staffs before the fasting season. f.) what's in the shopping cart! g.) poffertjes in cold weather is just perfect! h.) the starbucks basics.

March 10, 2018

life lately #26

Here's a little update because you i believe i owe you one :)

(one; things i'm lovin')
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