October 31, 2018

5. whats up

a. i love almost all billie eilish's songs. on.repeat.everyday
b. the next 50 of my #100poetryonpostcards is reaaady.
c. everyday is "im happy im healthy im abundantly blessed im thankful"
d. positivity is the way and have always been the only way to live a better life.
e. faith up, prayer up, magic happens

as for now, with life i'm learning to take it with a pinch of salt. all is well. :) 

September 29, 2018

4. a place

I found a place where all the odds come as normal. Where even in the midst of spring, the cold refuse to leave. I found a place where everything moves slow but everything is ahead. Where my morning starts with a fresh air and a coffee down the alley.

I found a place where my heart is content. Where i feel invincible but noticed. Where infatuation comes in a form of a tall, young man. I found a place where a friend become a sister, and a brother become a friend.

I found a place where i sit in the middle of a busy city that looks like one in those postcards. Where i hear talents speak with such freedom on the sidewalks. I found a place where my classroom isn’t a room with a teacher and a board but racks full of knowledge. Where my thoughts wonder in every stop and my eyes sets in every sun that shy to shine.

I found a place where i realise i don't own my passions, but it owns me. Where paintings are all over the walls, and every alley is a worth a bundle of film.

I found a place where my head stop looking for answers, where my heart settles every questions. I found a place where everywhere i look i reckon familiarity, where nothing seems unusual.  I found a place where midnights never end, and mornings serve a fresh hope.

I found a place that i can't called mine yet but my heart has landed it's feet and my soul has placed it's stone.

I found a place that no matter how many times i have to leave, everytime i come back, it's still feels like home.


July 13, 2018

3. what's in my work bag tag

the last time i do this sort of tag was three years ago, so i think it's appropriate to make a new one! this time around, i want to show you what are the things that i always have in my work bag. i've been trying to minimise what i carry because i've suffered with a back and shoulder pain from carrying too heavy bags before (it's baaad!) so without further ado, here we go!

♥ make up pouch : there's not much inside really, you can find bb cream, powder, lipsies, an eyeliner and that's about it. (i made the pouch by my self btw!)

♥ wallet : this pink is really pretty <3 

♥ portable charger : i'm REALLY bad with charging my phone *grin* my phone is always about to die all the time. 

♥ car key/house keys : in love with my lemon keyring that i bought from H&M!

♥ note books and mini to do list board : note books during meetings are very important to put down ideas and plans. i'm also obsessed with writing lists! 

reading glasses : i don't wear my glasses as often as i should. i mostly wear it when i drive at night or when i watch movies in the cinema!

♥ p.o.s card : if you're wondering what it is, it's an access card to the computer system at the restaurant where i work :)

♥ books : currently reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

♥ journal : this sweet little journal help me to keep on track on what my schedules look like, and i also write down all my weekly/monthly plans and to do lists for my work and my art here!

♥ mints : you want to keep it fresh all day!

♥ memory cards + the camera (not in the frame) 

♥ water 

♥ sunnies : this is my fav one yet from owndays

♥ Iphone 8 and Ipad pro : when i'm outside the studio, i use my Ipad to work on my art.  also, i don't like carrying my old macbook because it's way too heavy!

aaaanndd we're done! i hope you enjoy this, see you in the next tag post! x


June 20, 2018

2. come what may

i have come to a point where i am open to whatever may come.
i've let go some things
but i need to let go some more
the truth is, life is always gonna be a surprise
and i can't be mad about that anymore
i spent the last year floating, trying to figure things out by myself
i'm exhausted
it's time for me to go back to the place where i will lose all control but i will be free.

so come what may

i'm packing my bag,  think i'm ready.

June 15, 2018

1.a little life update #27 & restart

a.) went to the zoo and fed a red panda. my life is complete <3 b.) two priorities. art supplies + grocery shopping! c.) back to the gym, the thing i enjoy the most! d.) photoshoot day!  e.) had a feast with my staffs before fasting season. f.) what's in the shopping cart! g.) poffertjes in a cold wether is just perfect! h.) the starbucks basics.

March 10, 2018

life lately #26

Here's a little update because you i believe i owe you one :)

(one; things i'm lovin')
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