October 25, 2017

little talks

university of melbourne summer '17

in blogging :
there are so many things i wish i could do better, one of them is blogging. i can't seem to find the groove to be consistent with it. i have promised myself way too many times but i always i get so distracted with life. today i re-visited my older posts that i reverted to the draft box circa 2012-2013, i realized that i miss being able to just randomly pouring my mind out without worrying about making it perfect and nice. i think somewhere along the way i tried to adapt the "quality over quantity" rules but unfortunately, i fell into this pit of feeling so anxious and as result, i ended up not posting anything because of the fear of 'not making good enough content.' (fellow bloggers out there, please tell me i'm not crazy) maybe, it's time to be less perfectionist. i'll start with this post.
cafe crema - swanston street

in passion :
i never found anything that interests me as much as creating. i have put my head and heart into making art and even in times when i find it challenging being the outcast of mainstream society (financially, 'career' wise, and the so-called 'social status') i don't know how to live my life in any other way.  maybe, i don't need to explain to people. maybe, i need to stop trying to make people understand. or maybe, i just need to let myself sink deeper into this fire and forget about the world. #keepressingon
find what you love and let it kill you - henry charles bukowski 

in faith :
i never questioned who my creator is. i never questioned how the earth was created. i never questioned what came first, the chicken or the egg. i never questioned miracles and prophecies. i question the humility and integrity of those people whose words speak louder than actions.  i am no longer interested in a clever speech, i have seen enough politics above those stages, i no longer care about all the important 'roles' . the questions remain; why do these things are more important than the conversation behind a closed door? i have decided long before i even started that i chose jesus>religion and with everything that happens in my tiny complicated world lately, it's just convinced me once again that i've made the right choice. maybe, it's time to ask yourself, who do you really worship, God or our ego?
somewhere in alphington 

in love  :
i'm slowly re-learning self-love.  maybe it's just all that i need. and if that means being by myself,  so be it.
weather you are the person i'll meet in the corner of the street, in another world, or someone familiar, dear future lover, this is for you

feet -  brighton beach
no promises, but maybe i'll talk to you in a few days. maybe. xx


Atsuna Matsui said...

Your painting looks so beautiful! Ugh making me wish I should start painting again as a creative outlet.


Yuka said...

Your artwork is so beautiful!


MILEX said...

Dressed With Soul said...

I absolutely adore your painting!
xx Rena

Dressed With Soul said...

Happy new week!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Fashion Matters said...

very artistic photos :)

Hadas | The Fashion Matters- Luxury travel and fashion blog

busyandfab said...

How cute! I haven't read something like this. It's refreshing, I hope you can post more content :)


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