April 03, 2017

monday morning routine (VSCO EDIT) / studio day

"do what you love, and you'll never a problem with monday

i usually start my monday earlier than any other days because i need to plan my whole week ahead. showering is not always necessary (most of the time, i shower when i'm about to go out and at night before i go to bed) but dental hygiene and skincare routine is very important to me. i like to sit by the window and sip my coffee whilst checking my emails/socmed and pinning down the weekly to-do-list before heading off to the studio and start working. my go-to breakfast normally are fruits or smoothies because they're quick and easy to make (oh and also healthy!) i work better with sound in the background, so I'm always playing some music, movie or podcast while working in the studio. for lunch break, its either i cook, order takeaways, or eat out with my friends! 

how is your monday looks like? :) x 
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