March 17, 2017

Recent Shower Essentials

showering is one of the most important things to do to maintain our hygiene. i usually shower at night because i love to stripe off all the dirt on my body before I end my day. today I'll share with you all the products that i use when i hit the shower (aka my own private singing show haha) sorry neighbors! ;)

in the shower :
ecostore manuka honey and kale soap - every day
organic care dry nourish shampoo - twice a week
soap & glory scrub of your life - twice a week
schick razor - twice a week

after shower :

colgate toothpaste - every day am/pm
l'oreal extraordinary hair oil - every day
organic extra virgin coconut oil/soap & glory body butter - everyday after shower
body crystal botanica deodorant - once in a while
face skincare; soap, serum, moisturizer by luminesce - every day am/pm (will do a skincare-routine post next time!)
essano rosehip vegan eye cream - every day am/pm
* once in a while, i use different products that aren't mentioned here. i will share it with you shortly!

during shower :

white barn french lavender-scented candle by bath and bodyworks & Spotify playlist i looooove candles, it is so relaxing! and of course, some music to set up the mood (and sing along to!)

have you ever tried any of the products above?  share with me what is your recent shower essential! x


March 10, 2017

asian food affair part 1

i have the privilege of growing up with a dad who was an amazing chef and that naturally makes me very familiar with the food. i am not picky but somehow i always have my own judgment and expectation of whatever food that i eat. not trying to be biased here but Asian food somehow still ranks on the top of my list simply because there is so much variety! i mean... don't we all love choices? :) 

pict 01tom yum - thai 
if you are looking for a rich tasty dish, i will recommend this phenomenal soup straight away! you can taste the savory, spicy, sweet, and sour sensations the very moment it lands on your tongue. after trying it in so many places, i came to the conclusion that every restaurant has its own version of tom yum soup. for me, the traditional one is still my favorite! 
(around city area: jinda, thai culinary and many others- melbourne)

pict 02pho - vietnam
pho is so delicious and *good news* healthy! i could have pho literally every single day (which was exactly what I did at the beginning of this year). have enjoyed pho with a plate of spring roll for the side dish and a cup of vietnamese coffee for a complete experience!
(around city area: vietnam noodle house, pho24 and many others - melbourne)

pict 03jap chae - korean
i know that korean bbq is somehow more famous but this dish definitely deserves a lot more recognition! if you are wondering what jap chae is, it's basically sweet potato noodles cooked with a mix of vegetables such as spinach, onion, carrots, mushroom, and sometimes served with a sprinkle of beef. it is stir-fried with sesame oil, flavored with soy sauce and sweetened with sugar (thank you wikipedia! haha). i've recommended it by word of mouth to many of my friends and so far, none of them expressed any disappointment! ;) 
(around city area: big mama and many others - melbourne)

have you ever tried any of these foods? tell me what you think! x


March 03, 2017

came back from NECESSARY HIATUS - summer in march , welcome aboard!

back with a new name, happier mind, healthier soul, and ready to be consistent! for starter, here, gorgeous sunset shot that i took in brighton beach with canon g7 mark ii a few weeks ago. wishing everyone a great month ahead! march is my month, although it only means facing another birthday (i mean who really wants to get old? definitely not me.) hopefully aging will be something i can embrace and enjoy instead of fear. 

anyways, have an enjoyable weekend! be good and stay happy!
© summer in march
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