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university of melbourne summer '17

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there are so many things i wish i could do better, one of them is blogging. i can't seem to find the groove to be consistent with it. i have promised myself way too many times but i always i get so distracted with life. today i re-visited my older posts that i reverted to the draft box circa 2012-2013, i realised that i miss being able to just randomly pouring my mind out without worrying about making it perfect and nice. i think somewhere along the way i tried to adapt the "quality over quantity" rules but unfortunately i fell into this pit of feeling so anxious and as result, i ended up not posting anything because the fear of 'not making good enough content.' (fellow bloggers out there, please tell me i'm not crazy) maybe, it's time to be less perfectionist. i'll start with this post.
cafe crema - swanston street

in passion :
i never found anything that interest me as much as creating. i have put my head and heart into making art and even in times when i find it challenging being the outcast of mainstream society (financially, 'career' wise, and the so-called 'social status') i don't know how to live my life in any other way.  maybe, i don't need to explain to people. maybe, i need to stop trying to make people understand. or maybe, i just need to let myself sink deeper in this fire and forget about the world. #keepressingon
find what you love and let it kill you - henry charles bukowski 

in faith :
i never questioned who my creator is. i never questioned how the earth was created. i never questioned what came first, the chicken or the egg. i never questioned miracles and prophecies. i question the humility and integrity of those people who take pride in their faith. i am no longer interested in clever speech, i have seen enough politics above those stages, i no longer care about all the important 'roles' . the questions remain; why do these things are more important than the conversation behind close door? i have decided long before i even started that i chose jesus>religion and with everything that happens in my tiny complicated world lately, it's just convinced me once again that i've made the right choice. maybe, it's time to ask yourself, who do you really worship, God or our ego?
somewhere in alphington 

in love  :
i'm slowly re-learning self love.  maybe it's just all that i need. and if that means being by myself,  so be it.
weather you are the person i'll meet in the corner of the street, in another world, or someone familiar, dear future lover, this is for you
feet -  brighton beach 
no promises, but maybe i'll talk to you in few days. maybe. xx


Strolling Through Camberwell Market

i enjoy going to the flea market where you can find unique and vintage stuff. there's something about seeing antiques that gives me this feeling like i'm in an old movies or as if i got transported back to my grandma's era. here in camberwell, you can find secondhand clothing (some are branded and hella cheap), vintage accessories,  handmade DIY , unique used housewares and i even found a 1960s typewriter which i was so tempted to buy ( but i didn't :( )

here are few random snaps that i took when i came here a while back with ma girl taiyo;

old pictures of people, creepy or cool?

this 1950's blue earrings stole my heart within five seconds, the best $8 i spent that day. 

i kid you not, the guy on the right was busking with no pants on.

and it was like 50°F (10°C) outside that day. 

if you love collecting old goodies, you should definitely come and check it out.
open only on sunday 6.30 am - 12 pm so move your lazy ass and find yourself a little treasure hehe ;)

market pi, camberwell vic 3124, Australia



it's been a while since my last life update post. i feel like i am sooo behind that i don't know where to begin. life has been rolling faster than i expected and i couldn't really find time to focus on this little space until now. i swear the older we get the littler time we have.

i flew to this country where-i-will-settle-next.  empty seats in my row, pretty much the best thing you can hope for in commercial flight. 

train situation: when i saw that everyone's eyes were glued to the screen, i can't help but wonder if people ever look up nowadays. (?)

mango dessert just because. 

my birthday is definitely the recent highlight in my life. beautiful 'bouquet' delievery, lovely lunch, a walk in flower dome, and finished up with watching beauty and the beast, all my favourites in one day! *died from sweetness indulgence* 

all thanks to this amazing man who put so much effort to learn my love language <3

a year+ ago, i quit my nine-to-five job to pursue what i like. it means less income, happier soul. tough but still the best decision ever.

more artwork on my instagram @marisawij , follow if you want :)

painting abstract art gives me the absolute freedom to be myself and explore endless techniques but illustration grounds me and keep me calm :)

below: personal bridesmaid cards i made for the two special girls <3

others bits and bops :

so,  how have you been? share with me in the comment! 
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