November 04, 2016

Update update update - Life Lately #24

<one> currently staying in melbourne, australia. loving everything here apart from the bipolar weather! i live my life one day at a time here, resting in His presence. it's so good to be away from my hectic and stressful hometown. so happy to spend time with my special ones and re-charge my creative spirit. i feel so radically blessed and highly favored :)

and even if I'm more of a tea person, but i drink coffees, because it's melbourne, darling! (crappy snapchat photos. follow if you want; marisa.wij)

<two> the first two weeks i was crashing at my brother and his roommate's flat. after a week of endless inspections, i finally found this two bedrooms flat with city view and beautiful minimalist design which I'm gratefully called home for the rest of my stay here. just look at this black, white and grey vibe, so comfy!

<three> strolling around the city. long talks, long walk, good legs exercise. crystal clear sky above me, the sun is quite friendly, wind can be unkind to my bones sometimes, but... not complaining! I'm at peace :)

outfit :  ts bershka // jacket zara // jeans zara // bag target 

<four> and healthy living continues. i loveee australia! they have a lot of healthy food options (the salads-no kidding- are the best!) and it's also sooooo easy to find organic ingredients here! 

<five> and if you're wondering what i have been doing besides strolling around, eating good foods and drinking decent coffees/teas. most of the time, I'm caving in doing my thing

the picture below: taking over the whole dining table aka my working space making this piece, the final result on my instagram marisawij

<six>  on personal thoughts: while I'm applauding myself for being vulnerable and open when it comes to a relationship, whether to friends or a lover, i don't like appearing weak. but lately, i see vulnerability through a new light. i fully learned that vulnerability is not an attribute for the weak, it is an attribute for the strong.  the weak will always be too afraid to open up, they are too afraid of rejection, fear that no one's gonna love them for who they are in both bad & good times. but i believe that vulnerability is the only way for people to love us wholly and fully. i have to agree with brene brown when she said: "vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage, and vulnerability is what makes you beautiful."

i know that being vulnerable can be scary sometimes, but it is the only bridge to build connections. 

 update again soon,  until then, ya'll stay positive and happy! :) x 

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