June 17, 2016

on personal note - Life Lately #23

I've been away for half and a year now and i am dismayed by how sloppy I have been with this blog. life is an unpredictable round of wheels, sometimes i can't keep up. my personal counselor suggested me to go back and write because it's a way to release my emotions, so here i am typing and trying. and updating.

we have gone through a hundred and sixty-six days - two thousand of sixteen.

i often felt like nothing is significant. uncertainty is so haunting. if there is a living globe, i can't really pinpoint where i am right now because it keeps on spinning and spinning and spinning. i felt dizzy. i learned to be patient, and be still.

i manage to start eating cleaner, healthier foods. more plant-based, less meaty. fruits are my everyday munch. and also, slowly enforce my feet to walk-jog-run 5k. be familiar again with lunges, dips, squats, and their friends.  getting used to feeling sore after working out, barely walk down the stairs or stretch my hands to tie my hair. bought new workout gear.

my very first bazaar. a month of lack of sleep, countless visits to a print shop, balloons of emotions from excitement to pessimism to tranquility. all went well by grace, favors, and miracles.

i learned in a bigger, wider perspective of how to be a good friend. to love with the love of God despite the differences in principles and values. to love beyond the immensity of the sea.

i am upset that i let my self did the wrongdoings, spent time on my bed hugging my boaster alone. i saw intimacy dissolves before my very eyes and heart. i drank a lot and lots of water and obsessed with stripes t's.

i loved someone wholeheartedly and failed beautifully. 

trying to understand where am i going with my creative soul. thankful for every commissions and project. sailing this journey with faith, keep reminding my heart that adventure is not an adventure if we knew everything in advance.

all in all, these past half a year left me to believe what anatole france once said, "in art as in love, instinct is enough."

also trying to live out the corinthians;
"for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 corinthians 4:17

for the rest of the year, i think i can handle it just fine :>

until i write again. x


The Bookish Alix said...

Your prints are adorable!

Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

Unknown said...

This was such a beautifully written post. It's so important to look back and take in the lessons we've learned from just living life.

Via Sora || instagram · twitter · pinterest · bloglovin

Ramona said...

Your work is beautiful, keep up the good work,lady.


Straight A Style said...

Sounds like you have been doing a lot! Great update.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Lenya said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. Lovely post.

awhite said...

I cannot believe 2016 is halfway over!

Love the shots- you're so cute in the striped top!

Le Stylo Rouge

Unknown said...

I love your writing!! And your work is beautiful!

Adi xx

Dressed With Soul said...

I see you are really thoughtful!
xx Rena

CHAR MILL said...

This is a lovely post - sometimes it is hard to keep blogging when you have a bit of a mind blank! But keep going :)

Charlotte xx

Ivana Split said...

I love your illustrations....
and I'm crazy about stripes too.


Ivana Split said...

have a lovely day!

HALE said...

I love the last photo, very tumblr!
Aleeha xXx

Anat Koren said...

Great post!!! Love your blog!
Have a lovely day :-)


Tania Franco said...

I know what you mean, sometimes we all feel a little lost. Fiding your purpose in life is a journey. So good that you are learning along the way.


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