December 20, 2015

Towards The End

Today's OOTD is taken by my friend @hyapadi when we were having a little catch up in this place called Six Ounces Cafe, loving the Christmasy vibe in here and the coffee tastes really good too!
i have been having quite a busy month, haven't got a chance to update my blog for a loooong time.  can't believe it's December already, i feel like time flies faster towards the end of the year (or is it just me?) this year has been a blast, i've been so blessed with a lot of new opportunities and a new adventure. as much as i know that 2016 will definitely be a greater year, I'm not 100% ready to let  2015 go.

wishing everyone a great, festive, merry holiday! lots of love to all of you!
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