August 31, 2015

Sunday Funday // ART EXHIBITION 2015

I went to this Bazaar Art Exhibition yesterday . It's always exciting to see a lot of different styles of art from different artists around the world, and of course I managed to take some photos of my favourite pieces!
>> I keep on saying to my friends that this one is my #1 favourite piece. I didn't know what it's called until i reached home and found out from instargram that this piece is called "Marisa". Coincidence?! :P 
"Let me take a selfie" moment! LOL!  all the candids photos are taken by my friend, Hansel (his blog)
The exhibition hall is very huge! I don't think i went through the whole corners! After about two and a half hours walking around, my feet started to feel stiff and i can't concentrate anymore haha! but nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time here, i went home feeling all inspired and happy! Cant wait for the Bazaar Art Exhibition next year. <3

Talk to you again later! xx
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