August 31, 2015

Sunday Funday // ART EXHIBITION 2015

I went to this Bazaar Art Exhibition yesterday. It's always exciting to see a lot of different styles of art from different artists around the world, and of course, I managed to take some photos of my favorite pieces!
>> I keep on saying to my friends that this one is my #1 favorite piece. I didn't know what it's called until i reached home and found out from Instagram that this piece is called "Marisa". Coincidence?! :P 
"Let me take a selfie" moment! LOL!  all the candids photos are taken by my friend, Hansel (his blog)
The exhibition hall is very huge! I don't think i went through the whole corners! After about two and a half hours walking around, my feet started to feel stiff and i can't concentrate anymore haha! but nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time here, i went home feeling all inspired and happy! Can't wait for the Bazaar Art Exhibition next year. <3

Talk to you again later! xx


Magda Carvalho said...

wow amazing exhibition

Ivanka Wu said...

Lovely shots, and you have an amazing blog too!
Mind to follow each other? Let me know xx

Unknown said...

@magda : thanks. xoxo

crafty-zone said...

I really like your photos, this exhibition looks so inspiring :)

Unknown said...

@ivanka sure do :) thanks for stopping by xx

Unknown said...

Oh my God!!! That looks amazing!! Your outfit was gorgeous! :D
I wish I had the courage to take selfies in public, I get so shy that I end up with a weird face XD

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Miel and Mint said...

That is probably one of the best exhibitions I've seen photographed and displayed. Thank you so so much for sharing, girlie. I looked at some for a few minutes.
The girl scraping the skin off the alligator - unreal piece. So many elements in there.
Btw, thanks for popping in at my blog ;) Come back any time.
Are you in touch with me on Bloglovin'?
I am here:
xox Nadia

Unknown said...

So lovely paintings, where is this Marisa? BTW, I like your hair, I like my hair that long too.


Unknown said...

Hello dear, everything displayed here is just superb and I am thankful to you that you shared about this here. I also had been to a party at Los Angeles venues which was fun and I explore all new art there.

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