August 14, 2015


After being MIA for almost 4 months, i think it's the right time to come back into the blogging world! I missed hanging out and sharing what's in my life in this little space! Life's been hectic and awesome at the same time. These past months i : learn a lot of new lessons, stretch my patience, train my faith, and get to understand my self better in many many aspects in life.

As of now, i am happy with all the decisions that i made, I'm grateful for everything God has given to me and I will continue to live my life as an adventure! Happy to be back and i hope you guys are doing fineeee! Till later! x

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Next post: Life Lately updates!


Miel and Mint said...

Yay for coming back to blogging :)
xox Nadia

Marisa Wij said...

@Nadia: yay! thanks for stopping by Nadia! x

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