January 16, 2015


I told my self not to write any cliché review or any resolutions this time, my resolution is not to make any, but instead, I'm going for monthly goals because tasks and goals always excite me! Though i promised my self all that, it's been a humble custom to just look over the year and reflect upon the best I've received!

♥ I discovered a lot of new things about my self. I'm a strong believer of "There's always something that we can learn about ourselves no matter how old we are" Life is a never stop learning process and it's just so sweet how God has so many ways to remind us of who we are over and over again, our worth, our identity. I love myself self and I kissed the lies i believed in goodbye, i wanna embrace this good news and live it up in 2015!

 This year, I'm surrounded by amazing people. Thick and thin, hard time and good time, supports, love, and advice. Cheers to these good eggs who make me feel loved, new friends that i really adore, oldie yet goldies friends who's been sticking up. This year passed by with a little help from all of you, precious people, and I'm forever thankful, you know who you all are!

 2014 taught me to humble my self, less of me more of Him. The more i witness miracles the more i realized how big He is. Miracles still and always gonna be exist because He is real and He is here. Another valuable lesson that i got is how to trust His plans more than mine. Earlier in 2014 i kept on asking the famous Qs; what why when who where how. I prayed, prayed and prayed, longed for the answers. What to begin? How to do my assignment in this world? Where should i go? Who will i partner with? When will You let me start?  Etc etc... guess what? God answered. No need to be anxious and worry because He knows our heart and He listens. When we have the desire to please the Lord, He will open the doors. Father God will give us opportunities along with wisdom, we just need to put our faith-cape on and trust on His timing :)

 If you're just like me, a girl who always dreams big but have zero ideas on how to make it happen, I'll tell you one good news; we can always start with the smallest thing. When i was a kid I had a dream of making this world a better place. I thought orphanage visits are the only best thing that i can do, but this year, by His grace and favor, i stepped into a bigger scale of acts and opportunities. Ministered to the slums, fed the poor, mission trips, shared love hugs and happiness to these kids on the street, be an encouragement to the sisters. All in small steps but very very fruitful. I won't ever stop dreaming (i mean, Africa one day? Organisation? Who knows!) all I know is I've always been wanting to do this, I'm doing this now and i wanna do this forever!
On a personal note, I once said to my self that i will want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but my huge love for foods has been a challenge. 2014 is the year where changes are made. I started working out regularly, eat better food, drink healthy drinks. There were cheat days even cheat week, but I'm working on it, step by step, hopefully, good progress will happen in 2015!


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