January 29, 2015

CHOIS COFFEE. Guang Zhou (广州), China.

I visited this cafe on the weekend when i went to China to escort my parents in December. Located in the heart of 市桥 Town, Panyu District Area, this cafe made me feel like i was in Korea for a split seconds, the Korean atmosphere here is too dang high! Haha! The interior here is also very nice, minimalist interior design which gives off such great aesthetic feeling, the wood element makes it all cozy. It gives that calm and balance sense, something that is perfect for a chill afternoon on winter.

Would loved to go back here!

广州市 番禺区 市桥镇 富华西路2号 钻汇珠宝广场 A1000    
A100, Zuanhui square ,NO.2 Fu Hua Xili , Shiqiao Town , Panyu District, GZ.
Phone: 020-8466-1847
Website: www.choiscoffee.com
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