December 20, 2015

Towards The End

Today's OOTD is taken by my friend @hyapadi when we were having a little catch up in this place called Six Ounces Cafe, loving the Christmasy vibe in here and the coffee taste really good too!
i have been having quite a busy months, haven't got a chance to update my blog for a loooong time.  can't believe it's December already, i feel like time flies faster towards the end of the year (or is it just me?) this year has been a blast, i've been so blessed with a lot of new opportunities and new adventure. as much as i know that 2016 will definitely be a greater year, I'm not 100% ready to let  2015 go.

wishing everyone a great, festive, merry holiday! lots of love to all of you!

October 31, 2015

What's in my bag 0.1

Finally! I've been wanting to do this for the longest time, what's in my bag tag. I've seen so many bloggers/youtubers did this tag before and i really enjoy it, so i thought i'd do one myself oneday, and today is the day! Here are some of the things i've been carrying the past weeks. 

bag: i got this bag from one of the thrift shop in Australia around 4-5 years ago. I'm surprised by how good the quality really is, after years this bag is still in a very good condition.
wallet: got this wallet from my friend, it's a local Italian brand called Marino Orlandi, good quality and affordable price.
'♥ phones: i hate to admit how much i am tied to my phone. I used to use my Samsung for work/business and my Iphone6 for personal, but lately i just use my iPhone for everything because its more practical.
keys & charger pouch: this pouch is one of the products of my small handmade business project. I put my house keys, cars keys, charger, and sometimes my portable charger, etc in it. 
♥ earphone: nothing fancy, just a basic earphone from Apple (in a cute elephant mini pouch that i got from Thailand)
 make up pouch: i don't wear make up on daily basis, i usually only wear eyeliner and lipsies. I also put a small mirror, hand-sanitiser, travel-size perfume, etc, in this pretty pouch.
♥ tissue & hairbrush : Because....woman.
eau de toilette: I loooooveeee this edt! Smells soooo goooood. It's Benefit, Garden of Good and Eva, i carry this everywhere!
♥ nail polish: It's in my bag because i just recently bought it. 
♥ sunnies: It's always sunny here most of the time, i need this the most especially when i drive. 
♥ notes and Pen: Just in case ideas come all in sudden! 

There you go, i've revealed everything inside my bag. What's in yours at the moment? 


September 17, 2015

Life Lately #22

♥  I can literally eat sushi all day everydayyyy ♥  This looks like breakfast but i actually ate it for dinner hahaha ♥  Homemade lasagna by my talented friend! ♥  Prophetic drawing for one of the church we ministered last time, thank you Lord! ♥  Video call with my brother, i miss him so much T.T ♥  Midnight movie The Maze Runner with this sister and her family and my friend ♥  I seriously been thinking to pet a bunny lately,but i don't know if i have that commitment for now :( ♥  Old buildings always fascinate me ♥  Work in progress yay! ♥ 

>> #WIP lately

>> gallery visit (ootd here)
(middle row picts were taken by my friend, Hansel)
Life updates! I love writing updates, its like writing a diary all over again. The past month has been very good, i finally get to sleep until noon, it sooo gooood, but my sleeping pattern at night is a bit off though, need to fix this issue soon! I have a lot of favourite moments, some of them are; going to the art exhibition (post here), my print fabric finally came out, fun ministries, hanging out with my friends, Skype with the two of my fav guys, and soooo on. But, what is life without a little bit of lemon? 

I realised i really enjoy meeting new people and make friendship but what i constantly unaware is sometimes people can turn out to be someone we wish they'd never be. It's a sweet reminder that nobody's perfect, not even those people we look up to or admire the most. They're imperfect human being just like we all are, they may hurt or disappoint us. But hey, when life give us lemon, we know what to do. Yeap, make lemonade! I love the fact that this situation is actually the perfect chance for us to be more forgiving and accepting. Regardless of what people do to us, we can always choose to bless them, still honour and love them. I know its easier said than done, but I've been there before and I'm about to do it again, one thing that i know is my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever (Psalm 73:25-26) therefor, i know with Him, i can do it! <3 


September 09, 2015


all wrapped up: H&MUniqlo

Took these photos when i went to this gallery nearby where i live. It was a lazy day and I didn't really plan to take ootd-ish photo but i can't resist that white wall! (and how my all-black attire is perfect for the scene). I might've created an unhealthy bondage with black outfit and i couldn't help it!  Just like the quote says "I will stop wearing black if they make a darker colour" Is anyone else with me in this club? High-five and comment if you do!

 Until next time guuuys x <3


August 31, 2015

Sunday Funday // ART EXHIBITION 2015

I went to this Bazaar Art Exhibition yesterday . It's always exciting to see a lot of different styles of art from different artists around the world, and of course I managed to take some photos of my favourite pieces!
>> I keep on saying to my friends that this one is my #1 favourite piece. I didn't know what it's called until i reached home and found out from instargram that this piece is called "Marisa". Coincidence?! :P 
"Let me take a selfie" moment! LOL!  all the candids photos are taken by my friend, Hansel (his blog)
The exhibition hall is very huge! I don't think i went through the whole corners! After about two and a half hours walking around, my feet started to feel stiff and i can't concentrate anymore haha! but nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time here, i went home feeling all inspired and happy! Cant wait for the Bazaar Art Exhibition next year. <3

Talk to you again later! xx

August 23, 2015

I Bought Some Things | Mini Haul

A quick tiny 'haul-post' for you today! I did a girly shopping with my friend as a treat to my self after making a brave crazy decision. I heard a little shopping is always a good idea to release all the stress and at this point, i couldn't agree more! So without further a do, here's what i got :

> sleeveless top and shorts  > wide legged-pants  > little black dress
since the top is an open side top, my suggestion is to wear a cool bra under it. 
first time buying a wide legged-pants after years and years wearing them skinnies. (legs need to breath...legs need to
this LBD is legit perfection. loveee it <3
> hair ties > sunnies > rings 
♥  i keep on losing hair ties, i can't be the only one, can i?! 
 cute lil' sunnies 
♥  good price guys..$13 for all of them rings, yay!
> shoes > sandals
♥ these gems are adorable, very comfy and stylish.

thank you for stopping by :)
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