September 22, 2014


I was tagged by my lovely friends Jessica and Evita to do this tag on Instagram but then i thought why not put it on my blog since I've never done one before! 

1. I'm the eldest kid. Have one younger brother.

2. People always mistook my age.

3. Psalm, 1&2 Corinthians are my favorite bible verses.

4. I LOVE to read so much! You'll see a book everywhere in my room.  

5. Favourite author: Paulo Coelho.

6. It's easy for me to sense people who lie. But i keep quiet and let them author their fiction. lol (y'all mofos aren't safe)

7. Favourite colors, Black, Red, and Green.

8. I wanna be a missionary, going around the world, helping and giving people love, spread the Truth. 

9. I love the sun, therefore I love summer! And oh that sunset...pretty please!

10. I believe in positivity. You'll always see me happy most of the time.

11. Family always comes first. 

12. I have an irrational fear of being in the middle of the ocean. Suffer from acrophobia,  and recovering from anxiety.


14. "Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties". - Megan Fox.
Well said. 

15. I like people with wide knowledge. Deep, meaningful conversation is the fastest key to my heart. Charm me with your wit!

16. I love challenges and quite adventurous. Not scared to get my hands dirty. 

17. I'm such an old-fashion in terms of how i see relationship and marriage.

18. I lived across the country without my family when i was 18 years old. 

19. I love everything pretty, including flowers, and Peony is my favorite flower.

20.  Jesus > Religion.  Relationship > Religion.

21. I love making new friends and connecting with people.

22. I once won a writing competition in high school, didn't even remember what i wrote about.

23. Poetry/poems makes me calm and happy.

24. I was a tomboy back then.

25. My favourite number is 26.

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