September 26, 2014


Leather Jacket ZARA Stripes Polo Uniqlo

Keira Knightley//Adam Levine - Lost Stars [Begin Again OST]

But are we all lost stars...? Trying to light up the dark...

September 22, 2014


I was tagged by my lovely friends Jessica and Evita to do this tag on Instagram but then i thought why not put it on my blog since i've never done one before! 

1. I have one a younger brother and we're so close.

2. People always mistaken my age.

3. Psalm, 1&2 Corinthians are my favourite bible verses.

4. I LOVE to read so much! You'll see me with book everywhere. 

5. Favourite author: Paulo Coelho.

6. It's easy for me to sense people who lie. But i keep quiet and let them author their fiction. (haha sorry not sorry xD)

7. Favourite colours, Black, Red and Green.

8. I wanna be a missionary, going around the world,helping and giving people love, spread the Truth. 

9. I love the sun, therefor i love hot summer days! And oh that sunset...pretty please!

10. I believe in positivity. You'll always see me happy most of the time.

11. Family come first. 

12. I suffer from Acrophobia and recovering from anxiety and panic attacks.


14. "Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties". - Megan Fox.
Well said. 

15. I like people with wide knowledge. Deep, meaningful conversation is the fastest key to my heart.

16. I'm up for adventures!

17. I'm such an old-fashioned in term of how i see relationship and marriage.

18. I lived across the country without my family when i was 18 years old. 

19. I love everything pretty, including flowers, and Peony is my favourite flower.

20.  Jesus > Religion. 

21. I love making new friends, so don't feel awkward to say hi to me first in any circumstances...anywhere! :)

22. I once won a writing competition in high school, didn't even remember what i wrote about.

23. Poetry/poems makes me calm and happy.

24. I was a tomboy back then.

25. My favourite number is 26.

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