June 06, 2014


 JFFF series #2! This time is about the other thing besides fashion, which is...FOOD, yay!
 I was lucky enough to go, even only for one day due to the hectic work, and it was such a short trip because i still gotta go back to work afterward. But I'm glad i did go because man, it was fun!

Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe is an annual event that was held at La Piazza, an open mall in North Jakarta. This year, they're choosing the "Traditional  Market" scenery and take it to the whole new level. I really love the decoration they set, full of festive ornaments and colorful flags, just exactly how a festival supposed to be! My favorite decorations would be the Rainbow Wheel and the replica of the old PASAR GAMBIR main entrance. So cool!

So, what kind of food do they sell at this festival? Basically, the food they serve here is an Indonesian Culinary, both modern and traditional. I reckon there are hundreds of booths applied, and based on my observation, this year's spot is bigger and the foods are more variant compared to last year's. 

Onto the food we go!

The first food that i ate is Tahu Petis Yudhistira. I didn't know what Tahu Petis is at first, never heard nor ate this before, so it was my first time and I'd say it was pretty good. The crispness of the tofu is on the right level. Inside the tofu, they serve you this veeery sweet creamy black seasoning which later on i know is called Petis.
Petis was made of a food processing shrimp which then be heated until it becomes thick and then they add a caramel coconut shell sugar (Gula Batok) to make the colour tend to be black and taste sweet.

Next to Tahu Petis booth, they sell this crispy and yummie Bakwan and Tempe only for 5k/piece! Cheapskate!

As i go around, i saw a couple of people carrying a bowl of tempting chicken noodle and it made me curious, where did they get that? Then i found this Mie Ayam Dalban at the corner of the line, so to fulfilled my curiosity, i order one!
For 18k, it surprisingly tastes great! The noodle texture is soft, with the addition of tasty chicken chunks, a few veggies and meatballs (+3k) it was definitely a great catch for lunch!

Next, I found... Otak-Otak booth! I really want to grab it as it's one of my favorite childhood food. For 4k/piece I'll say the Otak-Otak itself is a run-of-the-mill, BUT the sauce is the shiz man, it was tasty and super spicy! Not a really wise choice for a sleazing' hot day I know, haha but it didn't ease the fact that it was one hell of a food! 

Next, i didn't really feel like buying this Satay, but my friend said it was yummy, so i said let's buy and try it. For paying 8k/piece, we bought two, the chicken and beef one. In my personal opinion, the beef one is way below my expectation, the meat is a little bit tough and hard to chew, while the chicken one is pretty good.
They serve it nicely though. Dressed with peanut sauce and fried onion. Plus the additional slices of fresh tomatoes and white radish. Presentation-wise? Good. Simple and nice. 

"Apapun makananya, minumannya.. Teh Botol Sosro!"
Haha the sentence above means "Whatever the food is, do it with Teh Botol Sosro", it is a very famous line of Teh Botol Sosro. My choice of beverage that day, simply feeling fresh-ed up after a couple of gulps!


FLOWER BOOTH (Forget the booth name)
I'm so pumped when i saw this florist booth! So pretty! I know it's so irrelevant to the food post but this prettiness makes the venue look lovelier. <3

Didn't really buy it, only took a picture of it because it looks soooo tempting!

Ready for the best 28k that day.
This Satay Padang is LEGIT! Definitely one of the best choices here. The meat is so tender and juicy. The sauce? Undoubtedly ahhh-mazing, perfect balance, not too spicy! One word, DELICIOUS.


Convinced by the queue, i decided to join the line. Not sure if I've ever tried Srabi Cake before so i guess it's a good chance for me to try one. Queue won't lie, no? 
Yeap, it won't because turned out that these little munchies are super yummy. The texture is a little sticky if i may say, but taste perfectly sweet and the chocolate topping makes it even more tasteful. Definitely buy again if i happen to run into one of this somewhere.

It's not quite a Jakarta Culinary yet if you haven't tried this one. Kerak Telor! If you're not from here and wondering what it is, Kerak Telor or you can call it Egg Crust, is an Omelette made of chicken/duck egg and glutinous rice, sprinkled with fried shredded coconut and dried shrimp. 
It's not easy to find this dish when there's no big event in Jakarta such as PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta- town fair like that.) So when i saw this, i just feel the need to buy it!
Another famous Jakarta's culinary, Rujak Beubeuk/Rujak Bebek.
 Rujak Beubeuk is a kind of a tropical fruit salad mashed it together with the dressing which contains: peanut, tamarind,palm sugar, salt, bird eye's chili, shrimp paste (aka Terasi) in a wooden mortar. Commonly served in a small cup or a leaf plate called Pincuk. If you happen to come to Jakarta, TRY.

Last not least, this Durian Ice Cream!! It tastes sooooh good and refreshing! I'm happy because they are soooo generous and gave us a lot amount of durian! Added with milk, coconut, and creamy cream, perfect for the crazy hot day! Yummy yum yum!

note: all in IDR currency 

There was also a Wine and Cheese Expo going on. Frankly speaking, i didn't really pay attention to the wine and stuff, we were only there to cool down for a while, haha yeap, aircon needed!
This is, somehow reminds me of Hogwarts. 
Turned out 'a while' means two hours haha! When we got out the sky's already getting dark and the moon appeared.  That only means i gotta leave this place and go back to work *sigh*

It was such an amazing experience! I can't wait for next year's JFFF. It was such a shame that i can only make it a day, I'll make sure that I'll go more next time and try more foods!
Let's tag along if you wanna go together! :))


ps. I'm not a food blogger, hence, my biggest apology for being rubbish in explaining/reviewing the food. Haha xD


Till the latter! xx
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