April 29, 2014

Life Lately #11

HEY! It took me literally for-ever to update this series! T_T
Before i start, let me disclose the news, I've decided to change the title of this series from Life on Instagram into Life Lately. I've noticed that most of the photos that i put in this series didn't even get into my Instagram and i don't wanna cause any confusion. Without further words, let's jump into the content right away!

  I attended an ART Exhibition with Ryan on the weekend a couple weeks ago. I'll make its own post soon!  I considered this hazelnut latte that I got from Liberica as one of the best I've ever taste! And plus, look at that pig! I can't even... My own ukulele! I got this as a birthday present from my friends, Richard, Andre, and Josephine. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!<3 ♥ The first time my brother participated in the president candidates' election! I hope the party we chose to win! ♥  I went to this Indian-British restaurant called Eastern Promise. The food is amazing!! ♥ Happy Easter! I got this cute easter egg cookies from the Liberica's barista! Hehe what a nice chap!  I participate in Kingdom Training (sort of like a bible studies thing) again this year :))  Making brunch for my self. I become more enjoy doing this domestic thingy. Age will slowly turn you into a grown-up woman, eventually. Haha ♥ Eating fruits, because it's my #5 resolution this year. Eating healthy food!!

Til later, xx
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