April 05, 2014

12 THINGS That Show You Who You Really Are | PART II

Hehe part one is here if you wanna check em out ;)


I give it my all. No questions about that. If you're close to me you'll know. Be my friend, you'll see. 

Songs: I evaluate songs from the lyrics. I love how twisted words describe someone's feeling/situation.  For ME personally, a great song is the one that has a story behind it and listener could relate to it. If you wanna know how i feel at certain time, keep ur ears on my #nowplaying hahaha.

Books: Fav books so far,  Veronika Decides to Die, Witch of Portabello, Memoirs of Geisha, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The GodfatherThe Weird Sisters, basically all Paolo Coelho's book haha. 

Photos: Black and White because it tends to have more "feeling". I have a thing for pictures with feelings and moods.

Authors: Jk Rowling and Paulo Coelho

Just like everybody else, i hate failures. I just dislike to keep reminding my self of the things i failed doing. Failures is like regrets and i don't do regrets, i rather LEARN from it. I'm a believer of "no regret, just lessons". However, the biggest thing that i considered as a "failure" back then is when i was being too scared of everything and ended up not taking/getting anything. That damn opportunity lost, never again. 

 Build an orphanage and school for people who can't afford to pay. An organisation to help young people with issues. Travel around the world to see what's up on the other side. Maybe raise a kid (either mine or adoption) (NOT NOW I MEAN LATER). Move out from this incredible frustrating city haha. 

Writing for sure. Also CHOCOLATE and sweets, music, pictures, FRIENDS, good food, coffee, beach, words of affirmation from the people that i love. 


For those who's curious, the source of this article is from here.

Ok now it's time to hit the sack, until later!!
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