March 31, 2014

Girls in the 20s


In your 20s, you should consider a relationship that leads into marriage. Do not waste another minutes, hours, weeks, months or even years with someone who just wanna play around and doesn't honour your heart. Don't deal with heartbreak over heartbreak. It's not healthy for you and your heart.

Ladies, select wisely. Our heart is worth way more than just a diamond ring,  our heart is made of love, passion, faithfulness, twisted magical emotions, a special thing that is very fragile, yet so strong. I believe some of you who's reading this now ever once dealt with someone who doesn't even deserve your precious heart, and still it's strong enough to team up with reality, move on and love again.

Be friends with everyone you meet, do not let the wrong guy in the past keep you from finding the right one. NEVER close your heart. Go out and select. Have fun but make lines, laugh with them but don't get too intimate, remember your purpose is to get to know them first, don't easily get attached, just yet.

Ladies, make sure you'll be in a relationship because you want it. Because you know your heart is ready, so does your mind and your soul. Do not mistaken your feeling between falling in love and falling for a need, do not get into a relationship because you need someone only to fulfil your emotion, and more importantly, be sure it's not because you're lonely. Otherwise, it's not gonna work. Because marriage isn't always gonna be about trying to pleased each other all the time, it's about sharing the happiness to each other.

My advice is that in your 20s, use your time to love yourself, understand your self well, find out whats your weakness and how to deal with it,find out your strengths and how to embrace it, do what you love and fulfil your dreams, be independent, dare to try something you always hesitate doing, challenge your self to live your life to the fullest. Be HAPPY. Because  if you're not happy alone, you can never be happy with anyone else. 

I hope you live your 20s well,try to detach your self from negativity. Take care of your heart because i believe every girl deserve a marvellous happy ending at the end. In the meantime, never stop learning to be the better version of you, everyday.


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