January 01, 2014

Life Lately #10

Hello everyone! Let me start this post by greeting you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!
 I wish you all a great year ahead and let's embrace the positivity more this year!

I'm sorry for not updating since last month. The truth is, i had been stuffed with lots of exciting agendas and been busy making memories towards the end of 2013. It's just unbelievable how fast is December passed and now, we're already breathing the 2014's air! I guess time really is flashing in a blink of an eye!

♥ Last day filming! ♥ Screening day of The Exchange ♥ The Exchange cast and crew! ♥ The Exchange PREMIER ♥ Beautiful clouds ♥ Catching up with my college friend, Emilia Vinna, had a great deep convo,  looking forward to meeting her again x ♥ Afternoon sweets ♥ SOTD ♥ Church christmas celebration ♥ Youth christmas celebration ♥ Christmas's eve with Stephanie! ♥ Christmas's eve karaoke with my fav crowd ♥ With my little girls ♥ Mother's day! ♥ Dine in with fellas ♥ Visiting my friend Melissa's newborn daughter <3 and a pretty  Christmas present from her! NEW INSTRAGRAM ♥ Latest obsession! ♥ Photobox madness <3 ♥ Riding my unicorn to 2014!

I've always loved December, it's my favorite month of the year! Everything is just so exciting and joyful. The festive lights, Christmas songs everywhere, Celebrations here and there. Aahh, what a lovely lovely month <3 I'm a bit sad that December is over and we have to wait for another eleven months to enjoy this vibe again, but at the same time, i'm just thrilled for 2014! I'm pretty sure that it will be such an amazing year. I can't wait to start living the adventure! ;)

Coming next: 2013 Summery & 2014 Resolutions! 

Did you have a great December?

Til later xx
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