January 19, 2014


This, i have to consider as a serious goal in 2014. I've been so lame on keeping this one up. My target is to reach at least 100 posts this year! I'll try my best to put more interesting content. Keep LOI series going, probably more OOTD, more Reviews, more Tags, and some other random/daily posts. Finger cross!

I realised that reading the bible helps me through everything in life easier and stronger.
This is where i learn about kindness,love and sincerity, also where my faith grows.
Believe by relying this plan on His hands, i will achieve this one ;)

I admit that i wasn't being so wise on spending money last year.
In 2014 i will manage better so i could keep up with last year resolution #5

I need to stop procrastinate, drink more water, be more on time, etc etc. 

 EXERCISE and HEATHY FOOD  (2013 re-make):
Hit the gym or having a fixed exercise schedule at home and stick with it, 
Stop eating noodles and snacking at night! Gotta get back that flat tummy!

When i make a year resolutions and achieve it, some of them continue as a lifestyle. They don't stop when the year is ended. This year, i wanna keep the thankful culture, the happy and positive attitude that i achieved last year, even get better with it ;)

>> secret post: I review my 2013 Resolutions HERE

Do you make your 2014 resolutions?  Hope to see them all accomplished by the end of the year!



January 17, 2014

2013 Review

Million of things happened in 2013. I'll say it's one of the best-year-ever. I made a lot of new decisions, leaving old habits, meeting new friends, trying lots of different activities, learning new lessons, and a lot more. I feel way too blessed. So today, i'm gonna share to you guys all the things that i'm thankful for in 2013, hopefully it'll somehow reminds you of how you've been so blessed too, enjoy! ;)

 New life perspective:

If you have read my Half Way Through 2013 post, you'll see that i wrote about how i've been living my life with positivity and how it makes me happier as a person. I'll say, 2013 is the year I'm focusing my self on being happy, physically and mentally. Because i realised how unhappy i had been, living my life for the sake of other people.  2013, I begun to start living my life with a positive mind. Being brave enough to take a hard decisions which turned out to be one the best decisions i've ever made. I undergo that well-known quotes "Think less, Do more" Instead of thinking too much about the things i wanna do, I just do it right away . Fight the intimidation inside of my head and try more opportunities that were given to me. I'm also glad because people that matters to me being very supportive towards my changes.  It's sound like a life changing experience and i can't find the perfect word to describe how incredible it was!

Opportunities and Fun Activities:

I wanted to write down every single fun moments that i had in 2013 but i know that will be a hundred of pages long haha. So here are some of the most memorable bits in 2013,

- Went wall climbing to fight my fear of heights! - Found new community and be a part of church services - Started my video project - Went to church camp - Putting more attention to beauty stuff- finally after 23 years!lol  - Short trip to Bangkok - Went on stage for a drama performance - Social service to Mental Disabilities Foundation  - Be a part in a movie project - Cut my hair short after 4 years! etc etc

More detail in pictures Click HERE!

♥ Friendship/Relationship:

I made a lot of new friends this year. Most of them are such a great people and i feel so lucky to meet everyone.

After a long exhausted years, i finally came off of a relationship that consumed a lot of my time and energy -read here- so with that being said, romance is not something that i was focusing on. I came to a realisation that before we can be happy with our self, we can never be happy with anyone else. Also, it's important for us girls to value and respect our hearts more. Don't rush yourself to be in a relationship, just make sure to give it to someone who will truly appreciate it.
I'm chuffed with my decision not to focusing my self on this relationship thingy this year, because it was such a perfect time to mingle and build a friendship with everyone, knowing people more, and spend time with my friends whilst trying to be a better person everyday. ;)

Throughout the year, i met a couple of people who made a special place in my heart. And even though not everyone stay until the end, i'm still really thankful because i'm that person who wouldn't be sad if something is over, i rather smile knowing this things happened at some point in my life and make my life so much more interesting to live in. ;)


2013 has taught me lots of lessons. Even if it's not new lessons but it somehow fits perfectly in my situation and we'll always grow a bit stronger every time we face challenges. These are my favourite lessons of the year:

- If you wait for a certain things to make you feel happy, i think you just waste the time of your life.
Why? Because i've learned that everything is temporary in this world. People will come and go in your life, things changes all the time, nothing is too certain, and I think the best thing that you can do is to just enjoy every moment and be thankful for it, that way you'll be happy. Always try to see the good in every situation so you can see the beauty of this life. Don't stress over small things, focus on the thing that can make you happy, find humour in every difficult times, reduce your worry by relying it into the right hands (as for me, it's in His hands ;) ). Things might not always be easy to go through, but it will always worth the lessons. So just try to stay positive, enjoy every single things in your life and be thankful for it, trust me happiness is as simple as that. ;)

-Always remember that Kindness and Forgiveness are not for others, but for yourself. Frankly speaking, in 2013 i met a couple of difficult people. Those fake friends, hypocrite double face people, judgemental heartless zombie, etc etc.  But i can deal with them because i remember a great advice saying "Whatever you do, people always have something to say. Deal with the fact that not everyone in your life is gonna like you. No matter how good you are to them. Even if you're the nicest human being in this world, still there's always someone tend to have something negative to say about you." So, i took the advice and decided not to worry about them.
Do whatever you wanna do. If you're kind to people and they're not, let it be and still be kind anyway. Don't think about hating them back (or worst, get them a revenge), trust me, it's not even worth it. I know it'll sound cheesy to say but think about it, If God can forgive us for our sins, why can't we do the same to other human being? I've learned that when we forgive people, it's for our own peace. Living a life full of hatred will only make you suffer. So be kind still even if they don't see it, and forgive anyway even if they're not sorry. Not because they deserve it, because we understand the right things to do ;)

-Be an opportunity and risk taker. Life is so short. Time is passing by and it can never be returned. If you keep thinking that there's a chance tomorrow, maybe there's not. So take the opportunity that's offered to you now. In life, i've missed many great things because i was too scared to take risks. I know that it has to stop at some point, and the rightest time is now. I had always wanted to do something that could make me overcome my fears, things i had never done before because i was too scared, but this year, i did it. I didn't wanna do certain things because i was too shy or afraid of other people's judgment, this year, i said "Screw it" and i did it. I made a wrong choice and i hold on to it for the longest time just because i wanna prove it to my self and to the world that i'm capable of doing it, but it left me so unhappy, so this year, i dare to quit.

You know, at the end all those things that i decided to take risks to, are the things that makes my life worth living. I realised there are a plenty of options we can take as long as we brave enough to take the risks. We will know what we can do and what we can't, what we like and what we don't, what worth it and what not and thats the only way to know and understand our self better. So be an opportunity and risks taker, you only have one life to live, make the best of it ;)

At last, i thank Jesus for everything. I realised that i could never go through this journey without His grace. All the strengths He gave to me, all the chances, the blessing, the lessons,people, and everything in it. I'm so grateful and ready for 2014!

I hope you enjoy this massive long post, thank you for everyone who keeps on coming back and always been supportive to this blog. I love you all <3

Till latter!

Secret post >> THE BEST OF 2013 Click HERE ;)
p.s next post is gonna be the first official 2014 post!


January 01, 2014

Life Lately #10

Hello everyone! Let me start this post by greeting you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!
 I wish you all a great year ahead and let's embrace the positivity more this year!

I'm sorry for not updating since last month. The truth is, i had been stuffed with lots of exciting agendas and been busy making memories towards the end of 2013. It's just unbelievable how fast is December passed and now, we're already breathing the 2014's air! I guess time really is flashing in a blink of an eye!

♥ Last day filming! ♥ Screening day of The Exchange ♥ The Exchange cast and crew! ♥ The Exchange PREMIER ♥ Beautiful clouds ♥ Catching up with my collage friend, Emilia Vinna, had a great deep convo,  looking forward to meet her again x ♥ Afternoon sweets ♥ SOTD ♥ Church christmas celebration ♥ Youth christmas celebration ♥ Christmas's eve with Stephanie! ♥ Christmas's eve karaoke with my fav crowd ♥ With my little girls ♥ Mother's day! ♥ Dine in with fellas ♥ Visiting my friend Melissa's new born daughter <3 and a pretty  Christmas present from her! NEW INSTRAGRAM ♥ Latest obsession! ♥ Photobox madness <3 ♥ Riding my unicorn to 2014!

I've always loved December, it's my favourite month of the year! Everything is just so exciting and joyful. The festive lights, Christmas songs everywhere, Celebrations here and there. Aahh, what a lovely lovely month <3 I'm a bit sad that December is over and we have to wait for another eleven months to enjoy this vibe again, but at the same time, i'm just thrilled for 2014! I'm pretty sure that it will be such an amazing year. I can't wait to start living the adventure! ;)

Coming next: 2013 Summery & 2014 Resolutions! 

Did you have a great December?

Til latter xx
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