October 18, 2013

Random Favourites | September 2013

001: Beauts.

I've been constantly using these two lips products, the Megaslick Lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in series E562B-Cherry Glaze and BabyLips from Maybeline in Smoothing Cheery (just noticed the same cherry flavour!) and been loving them. They smells amazing and moisturised my lips reaaaly well. 

I don't really use hand butter. Somehow it makes my hand feel greasy and sticky! But, this TCFS Angel Hands - Shea Butter is definitely an exception. My friend Kim from Korea sent me this earlier this year and i'm addicted (you can see by the look of the tube already!) It has the oh-so-calming scent. The texture is light and easily absorbed by the hand. It leaves my hand feel softer. The best part of it? Not sticky nor greasy at all! However, i wished it lasts a bit longer as i have to re-apply it after max two/three hours. But overall, i'll say i'm pretty impressed with this product. I did my research and found out that this product is available here for around $8, so if you want you can find it and experience it yourself. I highly recommend it for a smoother palm.

Dreams Unlimited Eau De Toilette probably one of my favourite EDT from TBS. I wear this every-single-day. It has a floral scent -white flower- and mainly cedar wood. I'll honestly say it's a little bit too aquatic for me, but i still don't mind as it's not overpowering. It leaves me feel light,fresh and happy! Perfect for the casual everyday use. The packaging it self is a simple tear-drop shape, glass material. Sweets!

002: Baggy T's.

I freaking am in love with this Stradivarious t's. Enough said. I wear this at home, at work, at church, hangout, everywhere. That's quiet a proof of how comfy it is.  Love love love!

003: Chocolate.


004: Musics.

The four songs that were on the top of my playlist! 
Bribry ft Jon D - Let Her Go. Bribry is a youtube-musician, i think his Let Her Go by Passenger cover is the best cover-version. His and Jon D's voice combined together are perfect for this kind of music! Check them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BriBryontour

The Paper Kites- Bloom. I can't believe i just discovered this song now as this actually launched 3 years ago. Where the heck have i been? I love this song. I adore the melody and harmony. Such a perfect song to chillax! Go listen!

Old Amica- Under The Night Sky. You know i love indies. This band was created by two Sweden guys. I first knew them from Soundcloud and i literally think that they're so underrated,they deserve more listeners! Buy their album online by clicking here, you can name your price!

Hilsong- Glorious Ruins. Well, let's put it this way... Their songs never fail me. This one is no exception. Words by words are define strength and the more i listen to this, the more i fall in love with Him. Let's Worship Him!

005: Book.

The Witch Of Portobello by Paulo Coelho.
Paulo Coelho has been my fav writer at all time since high school. In fact, i've read most of his books (Devil and Miss Prim, The Alchemist, Veronika Decides To Die, etc) I'll say this one is quiet moving. It's full of feminism with the interpretation of love and religion issues. It's about finding out who you really are, seeking for truth, mystery of lessons, perspectives, ambition, and sacrifice. This book took me into a really deep sensation, and i found a great value of thoughts after reading it. Recommended!

006: People.

Check the video HERE.

I'm glad September was over and that October is on its way to create a great moments. 
I feel truly blessed and i hope you guys have a great month ahead! 

October 13, 2013

Life Lately #8

♥ So this is my current laptop case,dont judge! ♥ Someone being kind to sent me this during my sickness ♥ Soul sister! ♥ Beeeaccchhh chilling! ♥ i MET 1D!! ♥ TEAM GREY w/ brother ♥ the bestfriend i can be cray with ♥ this broke my heart ;( ♥ I got a message in the bottle !

I'm gonna talk about my best bits on September later on the next post, but this time i feel like sharing about my recent lowlights and how i got up from there. I wanna try to stay honest to this blog because that's just how i started it. I remember four years ago,blogging was a media for me to express my thoughts and daily crap, and clearly not to impress people (never even thought that someday i will publicly publish my blog, ever haha) So I want to keep the "Express not Impress" motto to this blogville ;)

Frankly speaking, September was just okay for me, the fact that the first two weeks were craaaazy hectic with work and then i got sick because i have an awful time-management skill, i suffered from insomnia and lack of sleeping hours made me literally exhausted. Not to mention that i had to deal with sucha difficult people and it was a pain in the butt. I also felt like spiritually far from Him and things just started to go downhill from there. I almost lost faith in many aspects of life. That was that time when you feel like you're blindly walking without knowing what is going on and ended up asking yourself "What am i doing?

However, in one flash of a night, i decided to sit and try to gather my words and talk to Him again,
and then suddenly some of thoughts hit me hard -in a good way- and i came out with this great great revelation. 
I meant to deal with an uneasy time because then i learned how to become even stronger and more patientI meant to face them difficult people so that i would not judge and learn to be more understanding,maybe they're hard to deal with because they're facing even worst problems than mine,
I learned that ages and social status doesn't define your maturity, maybe they're older than you or a leader, or whatever it is, but that doesn't mean they're always right, and you are allowed to stand up for your voice, but still, learn to respect them. And i see people who is younger than me came out with such a wise wise words. In simpler words, we can learn that judging is not okay.

By the time i'm writing this, its already October and i could already tell the differences compared to September. All i'm trying to say is... for you who's facing unpleasant or hard situation now, please do not lose hope because things DO get better in time. I passed them, and now i'm back, i'm happy and feel so much joy inside, and if i can through it, so are you! Just keep on believing that things happen for a reason and there's always a lesson that we can learn through every situation. Don't give up just yet, and keep having faith on what you believe in. 

PRAY, because He listens. 

Now, if i feel that some days are not gonna be my day, i just remind my self that i am healthy and  i'm thankful that my body works. I have no room in my brain to let more negativity ruins my day, i will focus on the things that i can to make me feel better (If thats mean i've to consume loads of chocolates then i'll do it! RIP flat tummy.) JUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH! <3 

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