September 09, 2013

Life Lately #7

August is ovaaaah. 

♥ <3 ♥ The highland park ♥ Hello candice! ♥ Bobba addiction ♥ Lake chilling ♥ My girls hits univ! ♥ Selfmade sandwich ♥ GREEN ♥ Beautiful building ♥ Who doesn't love hotel slippers ♥ Christanto twins! ♥ We were there ;) ♥ Karaoke madness ♥ Baby Metta YOUTUBE CHANEL! Subscribe! ♥ Fine evening on the rooftop ♥ Sunset ♥ Siblings ♥ Apples shot that i took when i went grocery shop with mother ♥ Rush breakfast.

August, if i may say, is one of the best months in 2013! There is soooo much to be thankful for. I've zillions of beautiful moments that will def stay in my heart forever! I wanna thank everyone who's been really supportive and lovely, you guys are absolute mental happiness in my life! People who stood up for me and accept me for who i am, who understand my wild side, thank you for getting to know who i am better and who have been keeping faith in me, i love you all awful lot and let's keep on making memories together! <3

Saving the best for the last, a simply massive thank you to the love of my life and my own and only savior, Daddy J!

Till i write again and.... WELCOME SEPTEMBER!! 

© summer in march
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