August 29, 2013

CHURCH CAMP! | Late Post

In all total three days-two nights, we have games, praise-worship, and sharing sessions. I enjoyed every each one of it! Games sessions could've been a feast if it wasn't raining right after we begun (and i spent the rest of the days being sick), however all the disappointment was paid off with the fun and amazing praise-worship sessions. We were dancing, singing and sharing the joy all together with a grateful heart. I also learn a lot of lessons and got so much blessing from the sharing sessions-successfully got me in tears- it was so goodly intense and my heart was just simply touched by how wonderful His grace truly is! :')  I am so happy that i could be a part of this event! Looking forward for the next camp next yearrrr! <3

P.s: Quiet lots of picture i posted up there! I put a lot of effort editing all of them, i really hope you guys enjoy it! 

Images courtesy: Summersnackies, Ardyan S, KGC.   

Thank you for keep coming back you lovelies! <3 Till latter!x
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