July 29, 2013

Half Way Through 2013!

It took me a while to believe that i've been really enjoying my life. Just a little flashback , 2012 wasn't quiet a great year for me, even though i gotta admit it did give me  a lot of new and good things i carried on to 2013. However, 2013 by far is slightly a better year. Let me try to make a list of whys ;)

in 2012, I finally officially came out of a relationship which took control some of aspects in my life. It wasn't easy because i'm that someone who always try to see only the good in a relationship, always try to work things out and stay for the sake of feelings. But then in one moment i realised that it's not working. There's no busy drama like third party or monster laws, in fact our families were being really really supportive, we just need to explore more about life before settling down. I, my self wanted to learn more about a lot of things and be happy with my self before i could share my happiness to someone else. So we decided to turn the whole plan down and be friends! ;)

I got a chance to do things i am most scared of. If you know me, you must've known that i have a massive fear of height. I had never been able to go to higher place without being a funk. It's not cool and a bit annoying really, it's stopping me from doing extreme things that i'd love to try. But i overcome the jitters and go for a Wall Climbing in around April. It may not be an achievement for most of you, but for me it's pretty cool cause i finally be able to fight my fear. It felt amazing!

I am an introvert in heart. I rather hang out with the people i know most or just stay at home. This year, i started to push my self to get over my anti-social habit and just say yes for hang out invitations. I met a lot of new friends, i arranged meet ups with an old folks . It's quiet bizarre in a good way to sit, talk and spend time with people i don't really know or close with but surprisingly it turned out to be one of the best moments that i haven't felt for a long time. I even made a new best of friends that i care the most!

I got some of my 2013 Resolution goals ticked!! (Click HERE to see the resolution list)
- I start taking care of my dad's business, it's a slow progress but i'm still trying to get better everytime. (Fyi, this business has been standing for almost 20 years now, guess you could imagine how much things i've to learn?haha)
-I stop getting allowance from my parents! It's a bit challenging because i love to shop awfully lot and now i've to be a bit wiser on spending my money haha. 
-I finally got a chance to put my self into church services! For some people it might be just a tiny part but i'm quiet happy because i've been wanting to do it since the start of this year and i put it on my resolution list and pray about it constantly, and then God is being soooo good to finally make it happened!
-My faith has increased a lot, it brought me closer to Him, i learn to stay calm and positive towards everything and now i am be able to see the good in every situation. There are time when i feel sad or disappointed (i am still human after all) but instead of swimming even deeper and 'enjoying' the sorrow, i change my mindset straight away and try to think positively. It's been working sooo well, and i recommend you guys to try it for your own good because it's not only makes me feel so thankful, i've now became less anxious and less worry about literally everything! I can see how beautiful life really is and definitely happier than ever!

So there you go, things that make my half way journey in 2013 fun and amazing! I'm so thankful to God for giving me this kind of new life perspective,also for sending me those wonderful people who truly care,love and supports me along the way! You guys are absolutely the best! 

I hope you all been enjoying 2013 so far and if you haven't made one resolution this year, start now! You still have around 6 more months to achieve everything you want to! Remember, it is NEVER TOO LATE! 
Live your life as the adventure, Stay positive, Keep your faith up, Be optimistic, and Make everyday counts! God with ya'll! xx

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