June 10, 2013

Favourites Stuffs | May 2013

Since June is already here and May is finally end, I'm gonna share to you guys all my favourite affordable things from last month.

a. I purchased two lipsie products this month. I actually posted a review about it earlier before, it's the Revlon Renewist Lipcolor and Love Gloss from the Body Shops. They're now have become my favourites! - Revlon Counters, Lipstick for $5.10, Lipgloss for $14.18.

b. Another beauty products that i purchase is from one of  a lot of beauty lover fav brand ,Bourjois. The Voloume Glamour Mascara and The Liner Pinceau. I got both of em with a special price, and i quiet like it so far.  -Strawberrynet.com, Special offer from $28 to $13. Ps: They might or might not still have the special offer by the time you read this. Go check their website for more info.

c. Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes from The Body Shop has officially won my heart! It smells really good and literally wipe the make up away from my face.  I don't know for other people but it works quiet good on me. There are days when i come back a bit late after hanging out with my friends and i'm really really tired and i don't wanna stay too long in front of the sink doing all the cleansing ritual and this thing is literally save my life (and my sleeping hours)! - The Body Shop Counter, $7.04-$14.50

d. These lovelies that i got from my friend Jay is my current favourite face masks. They don't sell it here i'm afraid, i asked him if he can buy it for me when he went to China a couple of weeks ago and he got it! I used to wear the O-water Active Oxygen Spring Cleansing and Moisturising Mask from Rolanjôna back then when i lived there. It's very nice on my skin and moisturised reaaaaly well. The other one is Soybean Milk Convergence Face Mask which also from Rolanjôna, i'm not a massive fans of it so far, it did make my face a bit softer yes, but then my face started to become itchy after a while :( Probably my face need a bit of adaptation as this is my first try. I'll try it again next week and see, if it doesn't react better, then i'll leave it ;) - Manings store. 

Move on to body part.. ;)

e. I purchased this black and white stripes legging and a funky studded sunnies from romwe.com, the sunnies is so damn cool i really love it, but when i wear it, its just too dark i can see almost nothing from behind it. Probably not a good idea if you wear it when you drive however if you're hanging out at the beach and enjoy a cheeky sun bathing, this is def the right choice ;) -Romwe.com, Legging: $23.99, Sunnies: $18.99.

f. A simple printed top from local store N.Y.L.A (I think it stands for New.York.Los.Angles if i'm not mistaken) which i bought on sale when i hang out with mom the other day. There's nothing too special about, just something you could wear on daily basis. ;) - N.y.L.a Outlets, round $20-ish.

g. I also bought a dress for my friend's birthday party, but i didn't put it on the picture (Haha just slightly not my favourite piece.) But there's a Belt up there in the picture which i wore with the dress, and i like it! The buckle shape is very modern and the goldy-ish accent give it a tiny bit of elegance touch. J.Rep, $8-ish. 

h. Next thing i bought is those two pairs of flat shoes from LTSN. If you've been reading my blog, i think i've mentioned it earlier that i am actually not a massive fans of flats, but i started to think that i probably NEED it. My feet has become unhappy with me wearing heels for too long :( So, yeah. They're actually really cute and very affordable. I adore the colour and the dots of the magenta/red one, kind of giving a fruity feelings (if that's even make sense) by looking at it, and the black one is remind me of a ballet shoes, only this one is black. Quiet enjoy wearing them so far! ;) - LTSN Outlet, 2 for $20.03 

i. That boots on the left, -i don't know if you can see it clearly-, i got it from June+Julia. I like it aaaalot, the only thing i feel a bit sad about is the fabric. I ordered my usual size which is 38 according to Europe chart (UK:6, US:8) but because of the fabric is a bit stiff, i've to struggle a little putting my feet on it. But, overall it's a quiet comfortable piece to wear. -JuneandJulia.com, $28.87

j*. That yellow t's and the tiger tote bag i got as a very late birthday present from one of my oldest friend, Wilson. I love the t's eventhough the size is way too big for me haha but the fabric is absolutely amazing! Its very soft and comfy! The tote bag with the tiger wearing glasses prints on it is just simply really hipster cute!

k*.The red houndstooth dress i also got it as a late birthday present from Stephanie. I like the pattern, but again, the size of it is a bit bigger on the side. (my gosh i have lots of size trouble going on!) But don't worry 'cus i will bring it to the tailor and tell them to resize it!

l*. My friend Cindy bought me that white t's with lips prints on it. I fell in love right away when i saw it and she just randomly bought it for me. She also bought the exact one too so we can be twinny! -Zara, $13.20

Note: all the stuffs with the (*) mark are the things i didn't purchase my self.

P.s: All the price is in $, but you can slightly convert it to IDR (or any other currency) here.
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