February 08, 2013

70s STUFF!

There's something about the 70s that always fascinates me (other than the disco ball, of coursewhat else if it isn't about the mesmerising Bell Bottom pants!! This one might be out from radar now,but im pretty sure they're going to make a come back sooner latter,just like they did in 90s which was then reintroduced as boot-cuts* pants. Thanks to Jimmy Hendrix one of the star who popularised bell bottoms in 1968, he wore a floral-embroidered bell bottoms jeans to Hollywood Concert! This man is a legend for sure. *tapering to the knee and loosening around the ankle to accommodate a boot.

aaandd, so does the casts of Brady Brunch show..!

When i accidentally found a piece of this ultimate bell-bottom somewhere in my house,whoops,my heart's just fell drop to the ground. I decided to try it on right away anddddd..i knew this was meant to be mine! It falls right on my waist you guysss hahaha. The next thing i know i just wanted to snap a photograph of me wearing it. Who can blame me them,they're just so freeeejin appealing (at least for me) 

pants and top: vintage. earings from forever21, clutch: Dept. Store

love, love this ones!

It always feels good to find such an old and vintages pieces,isnt't it? For me it's feels like i just go through a time machine and steal stuff from the past! Now, why don't you all go to your mama's closet and try to find your treasure gold?

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