December 09, 2013

3 Best Moments Tag - November 2013

It's reaaaaaly hard for me to choose only three best moments in November, as i have tons and tons of them.  After a long hard thinking and sorting out, i decided to pick these three as my favourites:

1. Filming The Exchange.

more picts will be uploaded later after the movie come out! No spoiler alert…!

If you follow my twitter or Facebook, you probably know already that me and my KGC friends are currently doing a short-movie project "The Exchange", collaborating with Chronos Production (just finished filming a week ago!) I'd say… it was incredible! I've always amazed by that behind-the-scene and making-the-movie footage that I watch on YouTube and now that I got a chance to actually be a part in it, it feels surreal. This is the kind of experience that I'll never forget! I'm happy to be that lucky blessed human being who's given opportunities to always try and learn new things. Life is so interesting ;) P.s: Trailer is up, check here!

2. Social Service

One of the most unforgettable moment in November is when we went to one of the Mental Disability Foundation in Jakarta. I am not gonna lie, the first seconds I arrived there I was such in a huge shock. Although I was warned before that they're going to behave a bit different, but I didn't expect them to be so aggressively 'friendly' running towards us and immediately holding our hands and stuffI was overwhelmed. But then, it didn't take so long for me to actually enjoy being with them, playing, sharing and serving. I didn't see them as different anymore, they're just like us, only they need more love and attentions. This experience has changed my view in life, people and God's grace. I'm looking forward doing more of this kinda visit in the future <3

3. Church services and hanging out with these youthers.

I wouldn't have many words to describe how happy I am to be a part of this community. I appreciate and love them, probably more than they will ever know. Truth is, they're not perfect, neither do I, but God has put them in my life, and for me that's enough :) -Galatians 6:10, Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do well to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

And that's that! 
I could keep going on and on if I don't stop here! It's such a great life that I'm living and I couldn't thank Him enough for every single blessings that's given to me. My advice for a happy life is, Do what you enjoy the mostDon't worry about what other people say about you, they're not the judge of this lifeDo not compare yourself to anyone else because everybody's here for a different reason. Quit complaining and stay positive towards everything, and last not least, always try your best to do well to others, even when they are not ;)

I hope you guys have a great week ahead, and if you want to do this tag, you're so welcome to do so! Until later and God bless! xx

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November 15, 2013

Get to know me - Beauty Tag.

My very first beauty tag! I got this survey from the lovely blogger Amie (check her out she's gorj!) and
since i've just started with this beauty-related thingy, i thought this get to know me - beauty tag would be perfect ! Enjoy xx

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Straight with a little bit of waves. I have a hate-love relationship with my hair. I love it cus its long and thick, but it could be pain in the butt when it comes to washing and drying it, so time-consuming! haha. 

2. Do you dye your hair yourself or go to a salon?
Never dyed my hair at all. I was about to do it years ago, but then the guy on the salon said i should leave my very black hair alone ;)

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
Same style everyday! Which is a messy hair down. I often do a messy ponytail and messy bun sometimes. I love messy hairstyle, i think they look natural and sexy!

4. Do you do your own manicures and pedicures or do you go to a salon?
I do my own mani-padi for daily basis. I go down to the salon for special occasions because frankly speaking,i'm so bad at it haha.

5. How often do you change your nail polish?
Barely HAHA.

6. Do you paint your toes in the Winter or just in the Summer?
We only have two seasons. Summer and Rainy. So there's no reason not to paint the toes ;)

7. Do you plan your outfit of the day the night before or just decide when getting dressed?
Depends. I try to think what should i wear for the next day but usually end up wearing something else haha i usually do that for special occasions, head to toe preparation!

8. How often do you change of your handbag?
I'm so boring at this.  I settle with a black handbags, it usually match with everything that i wear. 

9. How long does it take you to put on your makeup?
 15-20 mins for casual catch up . Around 30-45 mins for special bits. 

10. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
It's always been like this:  foundation, eyes and eyebrows, cheeks and then lips. (lowkey life game : strong!! lol)

11. Do you collect makeup or do you just buy what you need when you need it?
I don't think i collect make up intentionally. But i'm a sucker for lipsies, other than that i think i only buy what i need or some  products that really steal my attention and make me feel like i must try 'em.

12. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Never worn eyelashes until recently for a movie project, i liked it but i don't think i'll oftenly wear them.

13. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday?
No. i usually leave it naked. I don't even wear make up when i go out sometimes, or just eyeliner and a lip gloss.

14. Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yes. But if i've to go to a meeting,special hang outs or a party, i'll make sure i pop a bit of this and that to make it look more formal.  

15. How many high end products do you own?
I have MAC and MUVE  at the moment. I used to wear Bobby Brown Powder and Dior Lipgloss before, but never buy them again until now. Since i'm not a make up junkie, i usually more into a high-street brands. I haven't found a perfect reason to actually spend too much money on make up yet (maybe that day will come one day haha!). 

16. What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
My sleeping pattern is a mess lately. I couldn't sleep before 12am,its bad and so not recommended. I usually wake up around 7/8am in the morning to do some casual morning routine (pray, taking my dog inside,drink a glass of water, brush my teeth) and then go back to sleep till like 10am.

17. How many pets do you have?
One. and it's more than enough.  

18. How often are you on Blogger?
i blog-walking very often, at least one or two post/day, and i try my best to do a blog post once a week (unless im very very very busy like last week haha)

19. Do you read comments posted on blogs?
I do sometimes read other blog's comments to see what everyone else's thinking about the topic (usually a product review).

20. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
I've been using my CANON 225HS Ixus since 3 months ago and so recommending it. It does the job well for both photographs and videos, and its pretty affordable too. Sometime friends help me out with their DSLR ;)

There you go, my first 20 beauty-related questions about me,  i feel like you guys already know me better now! 
Instead of tagging specific person, i'd love to tag every bloggers to do this tag too (especially thus beauty blogger out there...hey guuurl), we would love to know more about you! You can also post your blog link in the comment if you do this so i could check em out!

I had so much fun doing it and i'll surely do another tags in the near future!  Till latter!

November 12, 2013

Life Lately #9

a. I started October by spending some days in Bangkok with my cousin and my very closest best friend , it was fun fun fun like Friday fun! This pict i took from the plane is gorjez, simply reminds me of how amazing His creation really is <3 
b. One of my fav street-food that i discovered in Bangkok! You'll find this in the middle of the street inside Cha Tu Chak Market. It contains slices of fresh coconut with an ice cream and you can add 2 toppings to it -i chose corn and jelly, it was super deeelish and only cost around $2, recommended! 
c. I didn't get a chance to actually enjoy the sun that much since we barely wake up early and always go back late to the hotel, but i took a peek of the hotel pool which happen to be on the rooftops. It wasn't big but you can def enjoy a pretty view from the top,lovely!
d. We made a new friends (latter on we know they're Vietnamese!) on the first day! They sat at the same table as ours when we were having our lunch, so we ended up chat a little and exchanges emails.Always look for an opportunity to make a new friends around the world guys! ;D
e. Went to Madam Tussaud and saw one of my fav man was having a practice! Haha. I was amazed by how similar some of the waxes actually are. Some not, but mostly they do. I thought we will only spend an hour in here but we were actually spent more than two and a half hours taking pictures and stuff! Haha oh well, can't really blame the combo of girls+camera+idol waxes,can you? ;)
f. A snap at  Nong Nooch Garden before watching the traditional Thai Shows. The garden was super pweeety!
g. I'm in Miami Pattaya beach!
h. Dinner outfit. Nothing ever goes wrong with an LBD <3
i. View from the cruise whilst having a dinner, gooorrj!
j. War Arun Temple Of Dawn. For once again, i took a crazy decision to fight my fears (I suffer from acrophobia). Going down was one of the most awful experience ever. It was way more scarier than i thought it will be and the worst thing was when I had my panic attack. I can't breath, my heart racing, i felt like i want to vomit, my hand shaking and i almost cried! But then by the courage of my my friends, i could fight the battle and be able to went down (otherwise,i'll have to stay there for the rest of my life,ha!) Although it was a tough experience, i'm proud i did it! <3
k. Mum had her birthday on 18 Oct, happy birthday mumsie! We love you awfully lots <3
l. I went accs shop! I'll make a post about it soon, stay tuned!
m. Working on the wardrobe thingy for a Exchange Movie Project,accompanied by the love of my life, Java Chips.
n. Shooting scene 9 for Exchange Movie Project.
o. Movie with bestie, Jay, accompanied by the Real Caramel Popcorn!
p. OOTD. Went out meeting with this outfit. Proper proper. 
q. Instead of having a birthday dinner/lunch, we had a late birthday breakfast for mom!
j. Pizzuh and dvd, my kind of classic joy!
k. NOTD: Sally Hansen's Vitamine E Nail & Cutilcle Oil, Revlon Super Top Speed Topcoat, MaXfactor Glossfinity in color Red Passion.
l. Catch up with one of my closest collage friend, Febby! She's getting married soon,so happy for her <3
m. Went out with these loveliest has been my fav monthly routine. <3
n. Watch the new vlog here <3
o. OOTD with my brother on Mumsie's birthday breakie ;)
p. October fav drink!

Probably the longest LL i've ever made haha Like i said, it was a very fun month and i couldn't resist not to share with you all! I feel so thankful for the life that is given to me and i couldn't ask for more,i am way too blessed!

October 18, 2013

Random Favourites | September 2013

001: Beauts.

I've been constantly using these two lips products, the Megaslick Lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in series E562B-Cherry Glaze and BabyLips from Maybeline in Smoothing Cheery (just noticed the same cherry flavour!) and been loving them. They smells amazing and moisturised my lips reaaaly well. 

I don't really use hand butter. Somehow it makes my hand feel greasy and sticky! But, this TCFS Angel Hands - Shea Butter is definitely an exception. My friend Kim from Korea sent me this earlier this year and i'm addicted (you can see by the look of the tube already!) It has the oh-so-calming scent. The texture is light and easily absorbed by the hand. It leaves my hand feel softer. The best part of it? Not sticky nor greasy at all! However, i wished it lasts a bit longer as i have to re-apply it after max two/three hours. But overall, i'll say i'm pretty impressed with this product. I did my research and found out that this product is available here for around $8, so if you want you can find it and experience it yourself. I highly recommend it for a smoother palm.

Dreams Unlimited Eau De Toilette probably one of my favourite EDT from TBS. I wear this every-single-day. It has a floral scent -white flower- and mainly cedar wood. I'll honestly say it's a little bit too aquatic for me, but i still don't mind as it's not overpowering. It leaves me feel light,fresh and happy! Perfect for the casual everyday use. The packaging it self is a simple tear-drop shape, glass material. Sweets!

002: Baggy T's.

I freaking am in love with this Stradivarious t's. Enough said. I wear this at home, at work, at church, hangout, everywhere. That's quiet a proof of how comfy it is.  Love love love!

003: Chocolate.


004: Musics.

The four songs that were on the top of my playlist! 
Bribry ft Jon D - Let Her Go. Bribry is a youtube-musician, i think his Let Her Go by Passenger cover is the best cover-version. His and Jon D's voice combined together are perfect for this kind of music! Check them here:

The Paper Kites- Bloom. I can't believe i just discovered this song now as this actually launched 3 years ago. Where the heck have i been? I love this song. I adore the melody and harmony. Such a perfect song to chillax! Go listen!

Old Amica- Under The Night Sky. You know i love indies. This band was created by two Sweden guys. I first knew them from Soundcloud and i literally think that they're so underrated,they deserve more listeners! Buy their album online by clicking here, you can name your price!

Hilsong- Glorious Ruins. Well, let's put it this way... Their songs never fail me. This one is no exception. Words by words are define strength and the more i listen to this, the more i fall in love with Him. Let's Worship Him!

005: Book.

The Witch Of Portobello by Paulo Coelho.
Paulo Coelho has been my fav writer at all time since high school. In fact, i've read most of his books (Devil and Miss Prim, The Alchemist, Veronika Decides To Die, etc) I'll say this one is quiet moving. It's full of feminism with the interpretation of love and religion issues. It's about finding out who you really are, seeking for truth, mystery of lessons, perspectives, ambition, and sacrifice. This book took me into a really deep sensation, and i found a great value of thoughts after reading it. Recommended!

006: People.

Check the video HERE.

I'm glad September was over and that October is on its way to create a great moments. 
I feel truly blessed and i hope you guys have a great month ahead! 

October 13, 2013

Life Lately #8

♥ So this is my current laptop case,dont judge! ♥ Someone being kind to sent me this during my sickness ♥ Soul sister! ♥ Beeeaccchhh chilling! ♥ i MET 1D!! ♥ TEAM GREY w/ brother ♥ the bestfriend i can be cray with ♥ this broke my heart ;( ♥ I got a message in the bottle !

I'm gonna talk about my best bits on September later on the next post, but this time i feel like sharing about my recent lowlights and how i got up from there. I wanna try to stay honest to this blog because that's just how i started it. I remember four years ago,blogging was a media for me to express my thoughts and daily crap, and clearly not to impress people (never even thought that someday i will publicly publish my blog, ever haha) So I want to keep the "Express not Impress" motto to this blogville ;)

Frankly speaking, September was just okay for me, the fact that the first two weeks were craaaazy hectic with work and then i got sick because i have an awful time-management skill, i suffered from insomnia and lack of sleeping hours made me literally exhausted. Not to mention that i had to deal with sucha difficult people and it was a pain in the butt. I also felt like spiritually far from Him and things just started to go downhill from there. I almost lost faith in many aspects of life. That was that time when you feel like you're blindly walking without knowing what is going on and ended up asking yourself "What am i doing?

However, in one flash of a night, i decided to sit and try to gather my words and talk to Him again,
and then suddenly some of thoughts hit me hard -in a good way- and i came out with this great great revelation. 
I meant to deal with an uneasy time because then i learned how to become even stronger and more patientI meant to face them difficult people so that i would not judge and learn to be more understanding,maybe they're hard to deal with because they're facing even worst problems than mine,
I learned that ages and social status doesn't define your maturity, maybe they're older than you or a leader, or whatever it is, but that doesn't mean they're always right, and you are allowed to stand up for your voice, but still, learn to respect them. And i see people who is younger than me came out with such a wise wise words. In simpler words, we can learn that judging is not okay.

By the time i'm writing this, its already October and i could already tell the differences compared to September. All i'm trying to say is... for you who's facing unpleasant or hard situation now, please do not lose hope because things DO get better in time. I passed them, and now i'm back, i'm happy and feel so much joy inside, and if i can through it, so are you! Just keep on believing that things happen for a reason and there's always a lesson that we can learn through every situation. Don't give up just yet, and keep having faith on what you believe in. 

PRAY, because He listens. 

Now, if i feel that some days are not gonna be my day, i just remind my self that i am healthy and  i'm thankful that my body works. I have no room in my brain to let more negativity ruins my day, i will focus on the things that i can to make me feel better (If thats mean i've to consume loads of chocolates then i'll do it! RIP flat tummy.) JUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH! <3 


September 09, 2013

Life Lately #7

August is ovaaaah. 

♥ <3 ♥ The highland park ♥ Hello candice! ♥ Bobba addiction ♥ Lake chilling ♥ My girls hits univ! ♥ Selfmade sandwich ♥ GREEN ♥ Beautiful building ♥ Who doesn't love hotel slippers ♥ Christanto twins! ♥ We were there ;) ♥ Karaoke madness ♥ Baby Metta YOUTUBE CHANEL! Subscribe! ♥ Fine evening on the rooftop ♥ Sunset ♥ Siblings ♥ Apples shot that i took when i went grocery shop with mother ♥ Rush breakfast.

August, if i may say, is one of the best month in 2013! There are soooo much to be thankful for. I've zillions of beautiful moments that will def stay in my heart forever! I wanna thank everyone who's been really supportive and lovely, you guys are an absolute mental happiness in my life! People who stood up for me and accept me for who i am, who understand my wild side, thank you for getting to know who i am better and who have been keeping faith in me, i love you all awful lot and let's keep on making memories together! <3

Saving the best for the last,a simply massive thank you to the love of my life and my own and only saviour, Daddy J!

Till i write again and.... WELCOME SEPTEMBER!! 


August 29, 2013

CHURCH CAMP! | Late Post

In all total three days-two nights, we have games, praise-worship, and sharing sessions. I enjoyed every each one of it! Games sessions could've been a feast if it wasn't raining right after we begun (and i spent the rest of the days being sick), however all the disappointment was paid off with the fun and amazing praise-worship sessions. We were dancing, singing and sharing the joy all together with a grateful heart. I also learn a lot of lessons and got so much blessing from the sharing sessions-successfully got me in tears- it was so goodly intense and my heart was just simply touched by how wonderful His grace truly is! :')  I am so happy that i could be a part of this event! Looking forward for the next camp next yearrrr! <3

P.s: Quiet lots of picture i posted up there! I put a lot of effort editing all of them, i really hope you guys enjoy it! 

Images courtesy: Summersnackies, Ardyan S, KGC.   

Thank you for keep coming back you lovelies! <3 Till latter!x

August 03, 2013

Life Lately #6

♥ My brother bought me this from his trip to Singapore  I hangout in the kitchen and made sushi (a post about it will be up soon!)  My brother's birthday cake!  Town Fair with cousin and Stephanie ;)  INSTAGRAM VIDEO everyone!!  Youth service with Jeffen  Pamper night!  Highstreet/Drugstore Make Up haul!  Yummy! 

Last two months were great! I have a lot of chilling days and been enjoying me time a lot!
I watched alot of good movies and been enjoying good accompanies, it feels amazing when we have friends and people who dont mind watching us,weird and crazy! It's been really wonderful ;)

Enough speaking about last months...
August is already HERE! Oh my word, i can't believe how fast time goes by. I am so excited for this month! First thing first, church camp is coming soon (like next week!) Also planning on some video projects, fun small trips, catching up with friends, etc etc, i believe that this month will be a month full of blesses and fun! Yayyy!


July 29, 2013

Half Way Through 2013!

It took me a while to believe that i've been really enjoying my life. Just a little flashback , 2012 wasn't quiet a great year for me, even though i gotta admit it did give me  a lot of new and good things i carried on to 2013. However, 2013 by far is slightly a better year. Let me try to make a list of whys ;)

in 2012, I finally officially came out of a relationship which took control some of aspects in my life. It wasn't easy because i'm that someone who always try to see only the good in a relationship, always try to work things out and stay for the sake of feelings. But then in one moment i realised that it's not working. There's no busy drama like third party or monster laws, in fact our families were being really really supportive, we just need to explore more about life before settling down. I, my self wanted to learn more about a lot of things and be happy with my self before i could share my happiness to someone else. So we decided to turn the whole plan down and be friends! ;)

I got a chance to do things i am most scared of. If you know me, you must've known that i have a massive fear of height. I had never been able to go to higher place without being a funk. It's not cool and a bit annoying really, it's stopping me from doing extreme things that i'd love to try. But i overcome the jitters and go for a Wall Climbing in around April. It may not be an achievement for most of you, but for me it's pretty cool cause i finally be able to fight my fear. It felt amazing!

I am an introvert in heart. I rather hang out with the people i know most or just stay at home. This year, i started to push my self to get over my anti-social habit and just say yes for hang out invitations. I met a lot of new friends, i arranged meet ups with an old folks . It's quiet bizarre in a good way to sit, talk and spend time with people i don't really know or close with but surprisingly it turned out to be one of the best moments that i haven't felt for a long time. I even made a new best of friends that i care the most!

I got some of my 2013 Resolution goals ticked!! (Click HERE to see the resolution list)
- I start taking care of my dad's business, it's a slow progress but i'm still trying to get better everytime. (Fyi, this business has been standing for almost 20 years now, guess you could imagine how much things i've to learn?haha)
-I stop getting allowance from my parents! It's a bit challenging because i love to shop awfully lot and now i've to be a bit wiser on spending my money haha. 
-I finally got a chance to put my self into church services! For some people it might be just a tiny part but i'm quiet happy because i've been wanting to do it since the start of this year and i put it on my resolution list and pray about it constantly, and then God is being soooo good to finally make it happened!
-My faith has increased a lot, it brought me closer to Him, i learn to stay calm and positive towards everything and now i am be able to see the good in every situation. There are time when i feel sad or disappointed (i am still human after all) but instead of swimming even deeper and 'enjoying' the sorrow, i change my mindset straight away and try to think positively. It's been working sooo well, and i recommend you guys to try it for your own good because it's not only makes me feel so thankful, i've now became less anxious and less worry about literally everything! I can see how beautiful life really is and definitely happier than ever!

So there you go, things that make my half way journey in 2013 fun and amazing! I'm so thankful to God for giving me this kind of new life perspective,also for sending me those wonderful people who truly care,love and supports me along the way! You guys are absolutely the best! 

I hope you all been enjoying 2013 so far and if you haven't made one resolution this year, start now! You still have around 6 more months to achieve everything you want to! Remember, it is NEVER TOO LATE! 
Live your life as the adventure, Stay positive, Keep your faith up, Be optimistic, and Make everyday counts! God with ya'll! xx

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