October 31, 2018

5. whats up

a. i love almost all billie eilish's songs. on.repeat.everyday
b. the next 50 of my #100poetryonpostcards is reaaady.
c. everyday is "im happy im healthy im abundantly blessed im thankful"
d. positivity is the way and have always been the only way to live a better life.
e. faith up, prayer up, magic happens

as for now, with life i'm learning to take it with a pinch of salt. all is well. :) 

September 29, 2018

4. a place

I found a place where all the odds come as normal. Where even in the midst of spring, the cold refuse to leave. I found a place where everything moves slow but everything is ahead. Where my morning starts with a fresh air and a coffee down the alley.

I found a place where my heart is content. Where i feel invincible but noticed. Where infatuation comes in a form of a tall, young man. I found a place where a friend become a sister, and a brother become a friend.

I found a place where i sit in the middle of a busy city that looks like one in those postcards. Where i hear talents speak with such freedom on the sidewalks. I found a place where my classroom isn’t a room with a teacher and a board but racks full of knowledge. Where my thoughts wonder in every stop and my eyes sets in every sun that shy to shine.

I found a place where i realise i don't own my passions, but it owns me. Where paintings are all over the walls, and every alley is a worth a bundle of film.

I found a place where my head stop looking for answers, where my heart settles every questions. I found a place where everywhere i look i reckon familiarity, where nothing seems unusual.  I found a place where midnights never end, and mornings serve a fresh hope.

I found a place that i can't called mine yet but my heart has landed it's feet and my soul has placed it's stone.

I found a place that no matter how many times i have to leave, everytime i come back, it's still feels like home.

© summer in march
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